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The 12th Five Year Plan of new materials is the navigation of industrial development. It is reported that the draft of the 12th Five Year Plan of new materials proposes that by 2015, China's new chemical materials and additives, processing machinery and mold manufacturing will form a system with an output value of 260 billion, and the satisfaction rate of new chemical materials will reach 65%

in terms of polyurethane, the domestic industrial scale of raw materials MDI, TDI and PTMEG will have greater development space, and the market demand for polyurethane building insulation board will increase. Experts predict that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, polyurethane and upstream raw material products will still have greater development space

after the development of polyurethane industry in recent years, it has a certain scale from basic raw materials to products and mechanical equipment. Especially in the past decade, although the average annual growth rate of polyurethane in China is twice that of GDP, the per capita consumption of polyurethane in China has not yet reached the world average. Sometimes the objects of water experiments are high-value military products. Experts said that according to the per capita GDP development and polyurethane growth rate, China's polyurethane industry is still in a period of rapid growth

in the future, the development of China's polyurethane industry will be mainly driven by five aspects: the total population, the automotive industry, building energy conservation, the improvement of environmental protection requirements, and the leisure and entertainment industry

at the same time, MDI downstream industries such as spandex, sizing, sole stock solution, household appliances, etc. are developing rapidly, with annual demand growth rates of more than 20%. In addition, before 2013, there was no new MDI capacity in the world. Therefore, under the condition of growing demand and limited capacity expansion, enterprises are optimistic about the long-term development trend of the industry

the engineering plastics market needs to be further expanded

in the "12th Five Year Plan" of new materials, engineering plastics and composites are expected to become one of the many "important development fields" that have received special attention, which is undoubtedly a great blessing for this industry that has shown a momentum of expansion

however, many engineering plastics and composite materials produce 1.3 types of steel ladders: standard steel ladders with a width of (500 ± 5) mm; (800 ± 10) mm wide steel ladder; The stainless round steel manufacturers, all made of usu304, are still cautious and believe that it will take time for the new market to develop and expand

at the Engineering Plastics Exhibition held in Shanghai recently, industry experts from kaidefu engineering plastics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. said that composite materials are increasingly valued in the Chinese market, but there is still a long way to go to form a scale. Driven by the rapid development of the automotive industry, in the third quarter of this year, kaidefu expanded the annual production capacity of its Suzhou plant from 2500 tons to 7000 tons

however, most manufacturing enterprises in China are still accustomed to using metals, and their understanding of engineering plastics as metal substitutes is limited

biaoge (Nanjing) environmental protection materials Co., Ltd. once supplied biodegradable plastic bags for the Shanghai WorldExpo, but the company faced different challenges in promoting its biodegradable and bio based composites. At present, the company's products are still mainly supplied to overseas markets, and its development in China mainly depends on government projects. It is too difficult to rely solely on the strength of the enterprise itself

in the next five-year plan, many engineering plastic manufacturers hope that the market can develop at a faster speed

glass fiber will improve the overall level

this year, since the EU launched an anti-dumping investigation on China's glass fiber, India, Turkey and other countries have also conducted anti-dumping investigations on China's glass fiber. The main complainants in the three cases were subsidiaries or holding companies of a US multinational company in various countries. China's glass fiber industry and enterprises have actively carried out industry non injury defense and enterprise response

as the anti-dumping response procedures vary from country to country, the investigation, preliminary determination, hearing, verification and arbitration will continue throughout 2010

antidumping has followed, which shows from another side that China's glass fiber products are repeated at a low level and there are few high-end products, resulting in a low price situation

in the key year of the 12th Five Year Plan, industry insiders believe that Chinese enterprises should pay more attention to developing the deep processing of glass fiber products and extending the industrial chain. First of all, in the case of low engine running speed, enterprises should aim at the advanced level at home and abroad and improve the level of enterprise technology, technology and equipment. Mergers, reorganizations and alliances are needed by the general trend; Secondly, at present, the traditional product market has fully recovered, but the profit margin is too low, so enterprises should pay attention to the development of new products and new markets. Deep processing enterprises in the glass fiber industry will form a strong enterprise cluster in the next five years; Third, enterprises should formulate a long-term mechanism to deal with trade protection and strengthen industry self-discipline

therefore, Chinese enterprises should pay close attention to the development trend of the world's high-end glass fiber products, aim at the international advanced level, optimize and upgrade traditional products, and constantly develop new products. The production of new products is organized according to international standards or foreign advanced standards when they are put into production, so as to meet the market needs of domestic and foreign customers, replace new plastics and integrate into the international cycle, so as to make the enterprise develop continuously

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