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Shanghai's new semester textbooks are more environmentally friendly. Flexographic printing has strict standards

requirements for environmental protection and safety, which can only be changed but not the most. Fang Shizhong, director of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of publishing, said that from this autumn semester, Shanghai will implement green printing of textbooks in the city. In addition to the textbooks for primary and secondary school students in the compulsory education stage stipulated in the notice jointly issued by the three ministries and commissions, the textbooks for students and teaching reference materials for teachers in all kindergartens and high schools in Shanghai are within the scope of three layered units with different sizes and specifications

in order to realize the transformation and upgrading from traditional printing to green printing, from 2010 to 2012, the former Publishing Bureau created a more suitable solution. The agency signed the strategic cooperation agreement on the implementation of green printing with the Ministry of environmental protection and the Ministry of education, the announcement on the implementation of green printing and the notice on the implementation of green printing in primary and secondary school textbooks

in addition to expanding the scope, Shanghai also puts forward higher requirements for enterprises undertaking the task of textbook printing. According to reports, in addition to requiring green certification, these enterprises must also have the binding ability, that is, printing enterprises are not allowed to outsource binding. Zhou Jianping, director of the printing department of Shanghai Publishing Bureau, explained that in addition to the requirements for paper and ink, there are also strict standards for the glue used for binding. The best printing and binding materials must be used for children. As for the difference between flexographic printing and lithographic offset printing in the past, he made an example: just like home decoration paint, water-soluble paint is always more environmentally friendly. Flexographic printing ink used in large-scale municipal renovation and park construction in all parts of China is water-soluble

good measures have a clear system of reward and punishment. It is reported that the government will give a subsidy of 20 yuan per ream of paper to printing enterprises undertaking textbook tasks. In addition, because the environmental protection testing link has moved forward, Shanghai printed matter quality supervision and inspection station will be required to implement sampling environmental protection monitoring of raw materials and semi-finished products in all textbook printing enterprises, so it has also received a financial subsidy of 500000 yuan of special funds. If the car and external parts fail to meet the standard due to paper selection, enterprise selection, textbook supervision and other reasons, the publishing unit will have to reprint all the textbooks of the year and lose the qualification to publish the textbooks from then on; If the standards are not met due to raw material procurement, printing process selection, environmental protection testing and other reasons, the printing unit will no longer undertake the printing task of primary and secondary school textbooks in this city

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