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Textbooks and guidance books have become the main competitive market in the publishing industry. In recent years, the publishing price of paper books in China has risen rapidly. The price of most books is between, and some professional books even reach about 100. The rapid rise in the price of paper books has led to the domestic book demanders no longer having the habit of buying books casually in the process of purchasing books at ordinary times. On the contrary, through online discounts, The preferential promotions of "6.18" and "double 11" have become a fixed time for consumers to purchase books twice

during the "6.18" and "double 11" preferential periods, most book products are sold at half price or even below half price. Whether the books sold at ultra-low prices really affect the operation of the publishing house? From the perspective of the current major publishing and listed enterprises, the discount and preferential activities have a relatively small impact on the profits of the publishing house

take Wu Guanghui shuofen Co., Ltd., a new classic cultural stock, as an example. New classic was listed in 2017 and wholly acquired PAGEONE, an offline bookstore, in August 2017. New classic culture Co., Ltd. specializes in all kinds of novels and social science and humanities books. It has published many well-known works such as ordinary world, hundred years of loneliness and the current popular novel "worry free grocery store"

statistics of general book distribution business of new classic culture Co., Ltd. in 2018

from the perspective of the gross profit margin of new classic company, the gross profit margin of Publishing House book distribution basically remained above 45% in 2018, and even exceeded the gross profit margin of most manufacturing enterprises and electronic information industry. In the third quarter of 2018, the discount rate of new classic culture Co., Ltd. increased from 53.96% in the second quarter to 54.15%, but the net profit margin of the company soared from 23.20% to 33.60%. The profitability of new classic has been at the upper middle level in the domestic A-share market, but among the 17 publishing companies listed on A-share market, new classic ranks 13th. At the same time, from the perspective of new classic general book distribution business, the discount rate in 2018 remained at 53%-54%, and Rockwell hardness measurement could not be used instead of Brinell hardness test, but the higher gross profit margin reflected that the price of book publishing code was higher than before

statistics on the net profit and growth rate of China's listed publishing companies in the first three quarters of 2018

from the performance of the net profit of listed publishing companies in the first three quarters of 2018, the net profit of four publishing companies has exceeded 1billion. It is expected that the full Chinese system and simple operation will be implemented throughout 2018, and the net profit of five publishing companies has exceeded 1billion. In terms of the net profit scale of 17 publishing companies, the market competitiveness of private publishing enterprises is obviously weak, The net profit of new classic and century Tianhong in the third quarter of 2018 totaled 210million, and the combined net profit ranking failed to enter the top ten

according to the data released by the national publishing administration, the overall scale of China's book market in 2017 was about 180billion yards. According to the differences between book content and downstream consumption objects, the book market is roughly divided into three categories: public publishing, educational publishing and academic publishing. In 2017, the scale of mass publishing was about 55billion, the scale of educational publishing was about 110billion, and the scale of academic publishing was about 15billion

statistics on the proportion pattern of the book market in 2017

the start or stop button did not work in 2017. The scale of educational publishing business was 110billion, accounting for 61%. Due to the large student population base in China, educational publishing is the most promising sub industry in the field of book market segmentation in China

at present, domestic educational publishing books are mainly divided into student textbooks and teaching auxiliary books. Students' textbooks are for nine-year compulsory education. The publishing house has weak pricing ability for students' textbooks, the overall profit space is narrow, and the market entry threshold is high and the concentration is high

however, in the field of auxiliary books related to teaching materials, because such books do not limit the proportion of profits, and stimulated by the domestic examination system, the sales of domestic teaching materials and guidance books have been in a hot state, and the main competitive market of publishing enterprises is also here

in 2017, the number of students at all levels and in all types of schools in China exceeded 270 million to 276 million, with a year-on-year growth rate of 2.16%. Compared with 2016, the growth rate of the number of students at all levels and in all types of schools in China increased by 0.85 percentage points, which has been in the development trend of increasing growth for four consecutive years

trend chart of the number of students at all levels and in all types of schools nationwide

the continuous growth of the number of students at school has greatly stimulated the growth of the scale of China's textbook auxiliary book market. On the other hand, according to the statistical data of the Ministry of education, the total number of students at k12 education in China was 182million in 2016, and the total number of students at k12 education in China increased to 185MILLION in 2017

on the other hand, China's fertility policy has been loosened from the "double only two children" and "single two children" that began in 2013 to the "comprehensive two children" in 2016. The number of primary and secondary school students is expected to gradually increase in recent years. The new market scale of its teaching materials and guidance books is also expected to be further expanded

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