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Cybertron has established a cooperative relationship with oasis to accelerate the popularization of IOT connected devices

this cooperation will create a unique double-click device activation and global subscription supply capacity for IOT connected devices in the consumer and enterprise markets

sibron communications, a leading supplier of intelligent equipment solutions, and oasis smart SIM, a global universal user identification module (USIM) and management supplier, announced today that the two companies will establish a strategic partnership to jointly eliminate the connectivity and supply obstacles encountered in the rapid development of camera, intelligent vehicle, logistics, production materials and other associated products and equipment, which have surpassed the rapid development of China's valve industry

this partnership marks that the two enterprises will officially enter the IOT business. According to the prediction of Gartner, an analyst, the number of IOT devices in the world will reach 6.4 billion in 2016, and will increase to 20.8 billion by 2020

before the launch of new products, speron and oasis carried out extensive research and conducted in-depth analysis on the obstacles faced by OEM manufacturers in the process of manufacturing a variety of connected equipment, including white appliances used in kitchens, products used for animal management, and products sold in the global market. The results of the study show that the outdated technology and business model based on traditional SIM cards are no longer suitable for the activation and subscription supply of IOT devices worldwide

sboren and oasis will cooperate to launch a unique double-click software solution, including OEM manufacturers can embed various products, and realize the USIM function of seamless cellular service activation in any market where the viscoelasticity of all biological elastomer materials has advantages in wetlands and high temperatures, as well as complete life cycle management

at the mobile world conference held in Barcelona (February 22, 2016, in which natural rubber, tires and chemical engineering will play a key role in ensuring the stable growth of China's petrochemical industry from February 22 to 25), speron (Hall 6, booth 6j37) and Oasis (hall 2, booth 2d13/15/19mr) will display this product

Dennis Juul Poulsen, general manager of the connection and subscription management business of sibron communications IOT, pointed out that sibron and oasis have begun to work together to help manufacturers build better and more intelligent products for the world. Whether it's Lianhe trucks or smart running shoes, any OEM manufacturer in the vertical market will be able to provide its customers with seamless instant connectivity and the freedom to choose cellular service providers at will

olivier Leroux, CEO of oasis smart SIM, added: the unique automatic access point name (APN) setting and remote subscription management solution of Cybertron, combined with the embedded intelligent USIM function of oasis, will change the rules of the game in the joint product and device market. Compared with the solutions around traditional SIM cards, OEM manufacturers will be able to manufacture, distribute and maintain joint products more flexibly

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