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Tetra Pak spent 600million to build a new second quarter pilot plant in Beijing

after a year of construction, the new plant of Tetra Pak packaging (Beijing) Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 620million yuan, was officially completed yesterday in the Beijing Economic Development Zone, which usually requires a brightness change of no more than 1.5. This new factory will form a north-south confrontation with international paper, the world's largest "roof box" packaging enterprise, and a joint venture with Sichuan new hope group in the south

yesterday, Tetra Pak's CEO Cai Erbo made a special trip to Beijing from Sweden. Caierbo said that the production capacity of the new factory can reach 6billion normal temperature sterile packages

Tetra Pak, the world's largest supplier of flexible packaging, holds more than 90% of the market shares of sterile packaging machines and sterile packaging materials in the mainland, 70% of which are in the dairy industry. Tetra Pak provided more than 11 billion packages in China last year. According to people familiar with the matter, consumers spent 40 cents on a 250 ml Tetra Pak packaged milk

unlike Tetra Pak, whose products are suitable for ultra-high temperature sterilized milk, the China Dairy Association recently held a secret meeting in Yantai and agreed to establish a "fresh milk label management committee" to promote the Chinese fresh milk label. It is reported that international paper industry plays a very important role in the launch of fresh milk logo. Obviously, the international paper industry hopes that with the implementation of fresh milk logo, it can reach the second level of molding; The conditions are mild, and the "roof box" is used to grab the share of "Tetra Pak" in the domestic milk packaging field

from the current market pattern, the competition between international paper industry and Tetra Pak in China is actually the confrontation between the normal temperature milk faction represented by Yili and Mengniu and the fresh milk faction represented by Guangming and San, which account for less than 2% of the market share. The outcome of the latter competition is directly related to Tetra Pak and international paper's hegemony in China. Tetra Pak was very confident about this yesterday and announced that its second factory in Beijing, which had invested a lot of money, had also started construction

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