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Social security payment has finally fallen! Will we get less pension

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core tip: from May 1, the comprehensive plan for reducing social insurance premiums issued by the general office of the State Council was officially implemented, which is also known as the new social security deal. What changes has the new deal brought? What impact does it have on the people

the first change of the new social security policy is endowment insurance. The biggest change in the new plan is that the unit payment proportion of urban workers' endowment insurance will be reduced, and those whose current payment proportion is higher than 16% can be reduced to 16%

for regions with less than 16%, transitional measures should be studied and proposed, which is also an important measure to reduce the burden of enterprises and stimulate the vitality of enterprises. It is estimated that the payment burden of enterprises will be reduced by more than 190 billion throughout the year

at the same time, we should reasonably reduce the payment base of social security for some insured persons and enterprises. In the past, the payment base of endowment insurance was determined according to the average wage of non private units in the province. Now the calculation method adds the average wage of employees in private units to the average wage of employees in full caliber urban units

therefore, theoretically, this payment base will be reduced, that is, for on-the-job employees, the pension will be paid a little less and the salary will be a little more

in addition, from January 1, the pension for enterprise retirees will be increased by 5%. This adjustment will be implemented from February this year and will be distributed to enterprise retirees on July 15

the second change of the new social security policy is the phased reduction of unemployment insurance and work-related injury insurance rates. Since the rates of these two aspects have been reduced for a round before, the current phased rate reduction policy will be extended for another year after expiration to April 30, 2020

the third change of the new social security policy is that maternity insurance and medical insurance will be merged, and the traditional five insurances of social security will be changed into four insurances, but this part of the change has little impact on individuals, but individuals will no longer pay maternity insurance alone, and the treatment is the same as before

Jin Weigang, President of the Chinese Academy of labor and social security, believes that by reducing the rate, enterprises can reduce the payment of basic endowment insurance by more than 190 billion. In terms of unemployment insurance and work-related injury insurance, contributions can be reduced by more than 110 billion. The whole plan can reduce the burden of enterprises by more than 300 billion

expert: the new social security policy will not affect personal solutions: use standby insurance to manage pension collection and payment.

the proportion of unit contributions in the new social security regulations has decreased, does it mean that we can get less pensions? Experts interpreted this

how does China's pension pay

to give you an example, Lao Wang retired this year. He has paid endowment insurance for 40 years. His pension is the average salary of noise and his average personal salary multiplied by the percentage of his years of payment in the process of using the fatigue testing machine in his area last year

if the weighted average of Lao Wang's average salary and his area is 10000 yuan, Lao Wang's pension is 10000 * 40% =4000, and this 4000 yuan comes from two accounts, one is Lao Wang's personal account, the other is the national overall planning account

unlike the provident fund, the contribution ratio of urban employee units actually reduces the funds paid by enterprises to the overall planning account, and requires the alloy to have as high a static strength as possible, which will not directly affect personal accounts

Chu Fuling, Professor of the school of insurance, Central University of Finance and Economics: this account is used to pay personal account pensions. Sometimes what should we do when our personal account is finished? After receiving, the overall planning fund will continue to pay until life. What if you don't get it all? Personal accounts can be inherited

experts said that the payment of pension benefits is not affected by the rate adjustment, but will have some impact on the income of the current endowment insurance fund in the overall planning area, that is, the overall planning account. However, the fund source of the overall planning account in China is not only unit and individual contributions, but also many other sources

classification and inspection methods of wind pressure deformation performance, air permeability performance, and rainwater permeability performance of the outer door of the China Research Institute of labor and social security gb13685 ⑴ 3686 (9) 2 jin Weigang, President of the Institute: the source of the endowment insurance fund, including the contributions of units and individuals, but also including financial subsidies, has also adjusted the upper solution ratio of the central regulation fund this year, from 3% last year to 3.5% this year, In this way, it can also increase the adjustment efforts for some areas with financial difficulties

by the end of 2018, China's pension has accumulated a balance of 4.8 trillion yuan. After the fee reduction, the current revenue and expenditure will remain slightly balanced in the next few years

in addition to financial subsidies and central regulation, China will also allocate some state-owned capital to enrich the social security fund, actively carry out the investment and operation of the social security fund, and ensure the fair and sustainable operation of the pension system

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