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Snow removal and ice breaking are moving forward, and sany is in action

the snow fell on the city, and the chill became stronger. Some people are immersed in the beautiful snow scenery, while others are worried about the flying snowflakes. This is really a test for trembling pedestrians, car owners who dare not relax at all, and sweaty sanitation workers. Fortunately, when I need help, I can always see Sany

snow removal and ice breaking

the first to start the snow removal operation was the Sany 48 meter high jet fire truck. On January 27, the Changde fire brigade used a 48 meter high jet fire truck to remove the snow and reduce the pressure on the roof of the Ganlu Temple market in Changde. It can put out fire and remove snow. I didn't expect you to be such a versatile fire engine

Sany 48 meter high jet fire truck

in addition to the above situation, the common sheet metal damage on January 28 also occurred in the process of transportation. On the morning of January 28, Sany came to Changsha County, Changsha City to start operations. The icy road has caused a lot of trouble to the sanitation workers. It is difficult to shovel the frozen ice with a shovel. However, as soon as the Sany route machine appeared, these ice and snow made way. By eight o'clock in the evening, the road had been slowly restored to tidiness

snow removal site

at the same time as Changsha County, Yuelu district is also under construction. It has a wide area, few people, and the ice on the road is frozen. If you are interested, you can walk more on the road here and try your balance ability. The new product C10 grader of Sany road machine comes to deicer. How new is it? It is understood that due to the hot market, all machines are in short supply. This equipment has just been offline and was directly pulled from the test site to work

move forward sonorously

at 10 p.m. on the 28th, the temporary deployment from Kaifu District of Changsha broke the quiet night sky. The operator immediately rushed to the scene with two Sany machines. At more than 1 a.m. on the 29th, they finally arrived at the work site. It is the most "frozen" time, but at night, the line of sight is not good, and the operators can only work with the door open, which is very cold. The ice on the road is hard and thick. They confirmed the accuracy of the impact tester. They can only work back and forth like ploughing, scraping off the ice layer by layer. The most difficult thing to deal with is the ice on the tuyere. There are two ways. It takes them two hours to maintain a slight increase in the market in the future. One night later, the ice and snow finally disappeared, and the office workers had a safe way to work

Sany is in action

however, compared with the deicing work on Yuelu Mountain, the above is not difficult. Because of the large area of ice, Yuelu Mountain scenic spot has been closed since the 26th. In order to open the park on the 30th, the scenic spot is working on deicing. In the early morning of the 29th, Sany grader began to climb the hill from the entrance of Fuwan town. When encountering sections with thick ice and steep slopes, the equipment will skid. Even the old driver will be scared out of sweat and can only use the shovel to cling to the ground. After going up the mountain, shovel down, then up the mountain, and then down. The trail from Fuwan town to the top of the mountain and then to Hunan University has been cleared. The billet inventory in the plant is not very reasonable. I believe that tourists will soon be able to visit Yuelu Mountain to enjoy the snow

now, the sun has come out, and the ice and snow are gradually melting. The attack of low temperature, rain and snow made a concerted effort to help each other. In the face of this ice and snow, you just need to keep calm and have Sany to carry the weight for you

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