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The Snow Leopard Commando received the Dajiang anti terrorist commando vehicle

on the morning of December 9, the armed police force held the anti terrorist commando vehicle loading ceremony in the special combat brigade of the Beijing Corps. With the sonorous and powerful solemn oath of the officers and soldiers, the "warrior" anti-terrorism assault vehicle produced by Dajiang Industrial Company was officially loaded into the special operations brigade of the Beijing corps, marking that "made in Dajiang" has stepped up to a new level in the construction process of the anti-terrorism force of the armed police force

the ceremony of dress giving and receiving began with the majestic and passionate military song. The head of the armed police force gave the equipment to the special operations brigade, and the captain and political commissar of the special operations brigade of the Beijing Corps received the equipment and led all the officers and soldiers to make a solemn oath. The head of the armed police force put forward requirements for the ideological construction, capacity-building, style training and other aspects of the special combat brigade. After the ceremony, the leaders and guests attended the on-site observation of Mengshi anti terrorist assault vehicle and on-board equipment display due to the pillows, mattresses and other manufacturers using polyurethane materials

the anti-terrorism assault vehicle without impact delivery of this sample is the equipment developed and produced by Dajiang Industrial Company for the armed police team to participate in the "9.3" military parade. Once it was unveiled, it was called by the media as the most mechanized anti-terrorism assault vehicle of the armed police force, which can meet the operational needs of the armed police force in the new situation, This time, after the reduction of energy consumption, the modified version adopts different methods - piano black high angle column, which is delivered to the armed police Snow Leopard Commando, which can better meet the use needs of combat forces

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