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Social networking is popular INQ China has a bleak future news on May 7, as the social networking concept is more and more valued by key manufacturers, manufacturers who originally hoped to gain something with the help of the social networking concept are in an increasingly embarrassing situation. INQ mobile, which brought Lu Jiansheng under his command in 2010 and tried to enter China through the concept of social networking, is one of them

the concept of social networking is popular, and many heroes compete in the social market.

2010 is a year of social concentration. In March, Sony Ericsson announced at its spring press conference in China that it would launch new models with SNS application services commonly used in China. In April, Microsoft released the free brands Kin One and two for the first time, positioning social networking; Then, Nokia released three new phones: C3, C6 and E5, all of which also focus on social networking; LG launched the touch-screen social LG km555; Samsung launched skyscraper, taking social networking as its main card, while Motorola went further and launched motoblur platform, which integrates twitter, Facebook, MySpace, address book and other community personal accounts into social networking

for domestic manufacturers, Lenovo officially launched Le phone for the domestic market, with almost all well-known domestic Internet and social networking stations built in. At the Huawei press conference held in April, Huawei terminal stakeholders also highlighted the concept of social applications when demonstrating c8600

according to the data in the "2010" Paul said experience white paper, from 2009 to now, the number of social networking has increased to 20. Compared with the situation that there was only one inq1 on the market in 2008, the array capacity has increased significantly

the shrinkage rate is still large due to the early solidification of the gate. INQ Mobile's main social concept is Lu Jiansheng's departure under the crisis. Sony Ericsson

inq1 is the first social concept launched by INQ mobile, a subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa in Hong Kong, in 2008. It was OEM by Amoi, a customization manufacturer in Chinese Mainland, and won the best of 2008 on MWC 2009. In 2009, INQ Mobile launched two social networking concepts, INQ 3G and INQ chat, which received a certain degree of attention in the industry

in January this year, Lu Jiansheng, former vice president of Sony Ericsson group and head of China, served as president of INQ mobile Greater China

static experimental machines mainly include: in the two years since Lu Jiansheng replaced Gunilla in charge of sales and marketing business in China in June 2007, Sony Ericsson China's performance has been in a continuous downturn. Due to the failure of product line and the confusion of organization and management, Sony Ericsson's market share in China has been hovering around 5% since the third quarter of 2007. The desolation of the former entertainment king once caused the dissatisfaction of its joint venture parent company

industry analysts pointed out that it was no surprise that Lu Jiansheng joined INQ mobile, a subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa. From September 2000 to June 2006, Lu Jiansheng was vice president of Ericsson group and head of global customer department (Hutchison Whampoa). He was responsible for consolidating Hutchison Whampoa's global related businesses and had a six-year cooperation record with Hutchison Whampoa

get up early and catch up late. Lu's INQ turns slowly and breaks through weakly.

insiders are generally not optimistic about Lu Jiansheng's entry into INQ mobile Greater China this time. Since the launch of the first social inq1 in 2008, the response of INQ series social networking in the global market has been very flat. At present, only about 1million units have been sold, and only 150000 units have been sold in the UK, its main sales market. In its publicity, the mainland market, which has always been attached great importance to trial claims, has not entered the market for a long time

analysts pointed out that INQ mobile is not well-known among domestic users and operators, and it will take time and a lot of market investment to get recognized by consumers. Social localization application is the key to its service, while INQ's built-in services such as Facebook and twitter cannot be used in China. The most fatal thing is that INQ social missed the most important two-year golden time. With Microsoft, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Lenovo and other international giants invading social networking, the future of INQ led by Lu Jiansheng in the Chinese market is slim. Sohu it

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