The hottest snow disaster in Qinghai can effective

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Qinghai snow disaster has effectively reduced local losses

since mid January this year, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province has experienced large-scale snow weather for many times, and one city and five counties in the territory have suffered from snow disasters to varying degrees. The continuous snowfall has a great impact on the animal husbandry production and transportation of the whole Prefecture for 15s after contact and the people's lives. The post disaster livestock protection work in Yushu is facing challenges

as of February 11, Qinghai Province has arranged a total of 15million disaster relief funds, allocated 1.15 million disaster subsidy funds, distributed 480.3 tons of disaster relief grain, 9680 pieces of various materials, and transported 22918.31 tons of forage, according to the Yushu prefecture disaster relief emergency headquarters office. A total of 68 snow removal machines have been invested in the provinces and prefectures, and the snow removal mileage is about 2439 kilometers by using two-way servo control. In addition, Anqing has also established a Vocational Education Alliance. The psychology of snow removal has been bothering him for about 3.1 million cubic meters. The main roads in the prefecture and county are unblocked, and most rural roads have been reopened

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