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Soda ash fell sharply. Enterprises held meetings to stabilize prices

the price of soda ash once fell sharply in February. By the end of the month, the market prices of light soda and heavy soda fell by 2.85% and 7.14% respectively compared with the chain building and chain strengthening at the beginning of the month, becoming one of the few chemicals that fell in the month. In response, di Tongli, President of the China Soda Ash Industry Association, said in an interview with this newspaper that in order to stabilize prices, soda ash enterprises held a meeting in late February to discuss countermeasures and require strict measures to limit production and ensure prices. Since then, large factories have taken the lead in reducing production. The price of soda ash has increased steadily in late February and early March, and the situation is expected to remain optimistic in the first half of the year

"the continuous decline in prices in February was due to the heavy inventory pressure caused by the large number of goods prepared by enterprises before the Spring Festival." Di Tongli told this newspaper that due to the Spring Festival holiday, soda ash enterprises have always prepared a large number of goods before the Spring Festival, but after the Spring Festival, due to the poor downstream demand, there was a backlog of inventory, and manufacturers kept lowering their quotations in order to ship, which was the main reason for the decline in prices last month

according to the data from CHEMCHINA, in the soda ash market around the country after the Spring Festival, the ex factory price of light soda is between 1300 yuan/ton and 1700 yuan/ton, and the ex factory price of heavy soda is between yuan/ton, which has significantly decreased compared with that before the spring Festival. By the end of February, the average market prices of light alkali and heavy alkali were 1700 yuan/ton and 1950 yuan/ton, down 2.85% and 7.14% respectively from the beginning of the month

"in order to stabilize prices, the association organized major enterprises to hold a meeting in Guangzhou late last month, hoping that enterprises would implement strict measures to limit production and ensure prices. Since then, the situation has improved. But it is the relationship between supply and demand that ultimately determines the market outlook." Di Tongli said

he pointed out that due to the improving economic environment and export situation, and the large real estate investment last year, the downstream glass demand will be reflected this year. Therefore, it is expected that the situation of soda ash in the first half of the year is still relatively optimistic, and the impact of real estate regulation will not appear until the second half of the year at the fastest

the test results will be affected if Chinese chemical experts do not replace them in time. They also said that at present, the pressure on soda ash inventory is alleviating, and the cost supports the price. It is expected that the price of soda ash will not fluctuate much in the short term. Analysts at Huatai Securities believe that the profitability of the soda ash industry will continue to improve under the joint influence of 10million hedges for inspection of disabled houses and the coming peak season

the data shows that the price of soda ash has stabilized since the end of February and the beginning of March. Last week, the price of some regions increased. The price of light alkali and heavy alkali in Shandong were 1850 yuan/ton and 2000 yuan/ton respectively

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