The hottest snow disaster is merciless, and there

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Since January this year, many places in Yushu prefecture, Qinghai Province have continuously turned off the power supply to produce large-scale snowfall, suffering the largest snow disaster in nearly a decade, causing serious losses

the snow disaster was merciless

72 villages in 28 towns and townships in 5 counties and 1 city in Yushu prefecture suffered from snow disasters of varying degrees, with more than 55300 affected people and a large number of livestock dead, which was extremely serious. Among them, Zaduo, Chengduo and qumalai counties were covered with ice and snow, with a thickness of nearly half a meter, resulting in traffic paralysis of 8 national highways, 4 provincial highways and 5 expressways connecting the disaster areas

temporary workers have love

it is urgent to strengthen the interaction with the market and users. Shandong temporary workers cooperate with Qinghai Guanghui to actively deploy more than 10 new equipment of Shandong temporary workers' loaders. 2. The working principle of the tension machine, rushed to the front line of disaster relief, and contacted local temporary workers' customers to drive loaders to fully participate in disaster relief

repeatedly shovel snow to open up the "lifeline" of the road

in recent days, Shandong temporary loader has made every effort to remove snow, eliminate ice and keep smooth, and seize the "lifeline". At present, the roads leading to the affected villages have been basically opened. Relying on the superior quality and performance of temporary work products, drivers of Shandong temporary work have been working in high cold and high altitude for a long time, guarding the 3000 km lifeline of the disaster area and ensuring the safety and smoothness of the roads

with the opening of lifelines, vehicles loaded with disaster relief supplies have driven into the disaster area, and snow relief supplies have been distributed to herdsmen in the disaster area. Yushu region has achieved a phased victory in snow relief with advanced technology

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