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Founder Futures: fundamentals still led PTA to continue to decline

on Friday, PTA (9150148.00,1.64%, bar) 809 opened low and went high, and 8902 opened. There were obvious intraday fluctuations, with a maximum of 9058 and a minimum of 8890. It closed at 9048, up 18 yuan and an increase of 6712 positions. The 811 contract opened at 8134. It fluctuated around the line of 8100 and closed at 8100, down 124 yuan, with 1456 positions reduced. Liangyi chengxinneng is trying to speed up the promotion contract of the two investment partners with excellent industry experience in lithium battery graphite anode materials. There is still a large price difference. In terms of fundamentals, upstream, due to the impact of the strengthening of the US dollar and other factors, the decline of NYMEX crude oil futures prices in September remained unchanged. The downstream industry is in the off-season of consumption, and the decline of polyester quotation prevents the rise of PTA spot price. The pessimistic situation of upstream and downstream will continue to shock PTA downward. In 2006, the K-line still showed a downward trend. It is suggested that the short position is still the main idea

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