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Packaging workflow takes wings

creoscitex packaging and printing expert Stephen Miller believes that there will be a leap in prepress technology in 2001

at the beginning of this year, crescitex released the most challenging packaging prepress system based on PDF file format. On the prospect of this new technology, Mr. Stephen Miller, one of the senior executives of prienergy PowerPack, was interviewed

Q: you have been in the most important stage of technological growth in the industry. What do you think has the greatest impact on the productivity of the packaging industry

SM: this started with cheap low-end desktop publishing system. The price tag and user friendliness of the MAC workbench give more people access to digitization and accelerate our transformation to digital products. The following may be a packaging integrated system with overprint and composition and various functions

now, there is a wide format output device, so it is not necessary to output small films before making up. It only needs to use the developed communication facilities to transmit the document data within the country and even around the world, and the speed is very fast. Finally, it is sent to the computer direct plate making system. Production efficiency has been greatly improved

PP: what do you think of the application of CTP in the packaging industry

SM: CTP is mostly used in the field of commercial printing. Customers transfer the generated electronic documents to printers and paper products processing plants with plate making departments

in this way, we must abandon the original film as the only "safe" way and transfer from customers to traditional printing plants. This is important because it involves a lot. Those who make film or use CTP to make plate are very important. They are the first person to ensure that the content is completely correct

once the content on the film or printing plate is approved by legal, marketing and engineering personnel, these data will be locked. The next thing to do is to continue processing

in order to use CTP equipment for plate making, it is necessary to ensure that the printer receives a digital file with complete content, which is the basis of PRINERGY PowerPack system and the work done in PDF format. The environment we developed allows customers to prepare a PDF file remotely and save it as a file with overprint, color management and continuous exposure

before delivering the document to the paper processing plant, the document should be confirmed and can be previewed but not modified. Paper products processing has a set of printing plate layout template in its system. Drag and throw the front preview onto the template, and then expose the printing plate. This model enables us to connect the JIT digital printing plate system with the printer, so that the printer can change the layout according to the needs of different periods

PP: why can't I use postscript files for processing

SM: postscript is a page description language, which is mainly applicable to output devices. Pdf provides us with a space independent of the equipment. In this space, we can see all the operation elements exactly the same as the finished product

PP: there are many detailed descriptions about PDF. In which aspects is it not suitable to use PDF

SM: in creoscitex, we explain this problem as follows: "The problem is not the PDF file format, but the tools we use to process documents.

PDF is the strongest frame structure in the industry. It is a standard file format. It has developed rapidly, not only in color, but also in image overprint, continuous sun mosaic and other needs.

one of the misunderstandings about PDF is that we can only get four-color images with continuous tone. This is incorrect. PDF provides eight channels. Powe Rpack's plan is to support all eight channels

similarly, PDF standard is not expensive and easy to use plug-ins and Java components, which adds a certain amount of added value. It provides us with a more open digital environment. We don't have to decide whether to "use all" or "don't use all" some tool. Analysts believe that all kinds of PCI tools will gradually adapt to higher production efficiency

when entering the beta testing stage, many existing problems will be solved. We emphasize the operation management system because we believe that the use of PDF tool can bring more tension to the adjustment work. 1. We must eliminate the initial force and then clamp the extended benefits

PP: let's talk about the tools of operation management system. How do they improve the prepress process

SM: there are some isolated work processes in modern enterprises, in which the technology is constantly upgraded and getting better and better. We have PCC workstation and ArtPro workstation. The only connection between them is the scheduling table, which runs continuously every day. It says, "How is the work going? Where is it going?

PRINERGY PowerPack server is the file transmission hub. People in the factory can master the work process at any time, which is convenient for the cooperation between various departments. This is also an environment for everyone to work together. For example, if there is an urgent job, maybe I will start planning the print layout, while another person is doing overprint. The core of our cooperation is PowerPack's powerful Oracle data According to the library. Around the world, we have installed hundreds of the same prienergy structures

it works like this. PowerPack has a process plan component that can explain the production chain of a product in detail. The set production plan makes the production of the operation highly repetitive and consistent, and does not require too many professional and technical personnel to participate. For example, the salesman may not need the assistance of the operator when presenting the sample to the customer

inside the PDF, there is also a set of portable job ticket (PJT) to record a subset of job information. When a new process plan is created, the relevant data from the plan can be automatically entered into the relevant fields of pjf. For example, when the red value in color management is 485 or the trapping value is 10/1000/inch, these parameters will be stored in this document

the historical operation of the work will be recorded in the Oracle database. When the work needs to be and re run, the supervisor of the prepress part can get all the work previously completed, and these data can be used to make the customer report with bill

finally, PowerPack also integrates page tools, so that jobs can be downloaded, uploaded and browsed, so as to realize the internal and external calibration of the network. This phenomenon greatly accelerates the approval process and operation cycle time of packaging operation. It also enables us to truly achieve global communication

PP: what is the next development of packaging prepress

SM: I think the workflow of networking is the next step. Once people realize its convenience and added value, they will see that the Internet will develop rapidly. For example, if you log in to our server and agree to a design, I can receive feedback in a few seconds. This will save a lot of time compared with the traditional contact information

networking is not only in the industry, but can be seen everywhere - raw materials can be purchased through B2B stations, and customer representatives can also fill in questionnaires. Once you see its prospects, you can analyze the structure of your company and plan to realize the networking workflow

packaging workflow: several suppliers provide

Agfa apogee PDF workflow, which is based on NT platform, dectm and inteltm processors. The control center contains interfaces with PDF wizard, PDF rip and output manager

Barco - packedge workflow, based on standard PC, provides open format, special tools, and is compatible with ICC

creoscitex - PRINERGY PowerPack receives the standard file format, can drive the output equipment of the third party, and can carry out multi-functional expansion through the plug-in of the third party whose steel ball wear mark diameter has reached the limit value

Heidelberg - packpilot system includes Heidelberg's color management, scanning and output components, with ArtPro software prepared for powermaintosh


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