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recent Asian ethylene market quotation is as follows:

naphtha price rose slightly this week, making the Asian ethylene agreement price hit the bottom. It is predicted that the balance of supply and demand of ethylene will be relaxed in September, as some cracking units scheduled for maintenance return to the production line and the influence of strike activities of other production units in South Korea will be gradually weakened. At present, no other driving factors affecting the further decline of ethylene prices have been predicted. It is said that the trading price of some shipments in August was completed within a narrow range, and the seller believed that the market conditions of the downstream industry could keep the ethylene shipping price at a high level

Northeast Asia: the annual capacity of Lichuan, South Korea is 420000 tons, and the production of the cracking unit has been reduced by 15% due to technical problems. It is expected that the unit will maintain an operating rate of 85% during August. It is reported that the purchase price of a batch of 2000 tons of spot cargo is $395, which is close to the mechanical properties of petroleum based polyester polyurethane (Bayer desmopanr400 Series)/ton (FOB Daesan). Japan's cargo supply in August still showed a strong trend, and the seller's intended selling price of the cargo at the end of August has maintained a strong trend, with the price of $400/ton (FOB Japan). The Lichuan region of South Korea showed interest in the shipment in the second half of August, and its purchase intention price was $430/ton (CFR South Korea). Looking ahead to the ethylene market in September, Korean sellers pointed out that their export elasticity was small, because it was expected that a cracking overhaul plant with an annual capacity of 460000 tons in South Korea would be shut down for 40 days from September 17

Southeast Asia: as Indonesia has started its cracking unit on July 25 and the start-up time of 600000 tons of newly expanded cracking in Thailand may be earlier than the expected start-up time on August 1, some traders believe that the balance between supply and demand in the ethylene market will be relaxed this week. Although some buyers pointed out that they had renewed their contracts with potential sellers this week, there was no sign of the two sides reaching a shipping deal in August. Since the boiler of the cracking unit in Indonesia is still in the repair and replacement stage, the maximum operating rate of the unit is 85%. It is expected that this state will avoid the production of new materials. If the enterprise wants to develop better in the future, the stress concentration potential may be maintained for about 3 months. Indonesian domestic customers are still negotiating about the purchase volume of the shipment in August, and at least one customer proposed to purchase the spot ship in August at a price below US $435/ton (delivery price). This week, the customer's bid price for imported shipments rose from $400/ton (CFR Indonesia) last week to $410/ton this week. But there were no reports of a deal

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