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Recent international PP market trend

Asian market

the market is relatively chaotic, and the price trend is not clear. The quotation was raised, but there was no deal, and the price callback occurred. Some people believe that although the market has not responded to the price rise in August, sellers insist on higher prices for small batch purchases. It is reported that the prompt delivery price of PP from Thailand and South Korea is USD/ton (CFR main port of China/Hong Kong). Due to the low cost of PP, some processors switched from PE to PP in raw material selection, so the demand increased. The seller said that it is expected that the demand will be amplified in September

note plastic and wire drawing materials USD/ton (CFR Far East/Southeast Asia); IPP film material USD/ton (CFR Far East/Southeast Asia); BOPP USD/ton (CFR Far East/Southeast Asia); Block copolymer USD/ton (CFR Far East/Southeast Asia)

due to the emergence of cheap quotations, prices in West Asia fell significantly. In addition, Indian PP producers are also very competitive in the price of West Asia. Trading in the Chinese market is light and prices are relatively stable. In August, the quotation of Korean manufacturers for 200 tons of wire drawing materials to China was 520 dollars/ton (CFR China), and 530 dollars/ton to Southeast Asia; IPP film material 550 dollars/ton (CFR China/Southeast Asia); 500 tons of BOPP material 530 dollars/ton (CFR China/Southeast Asia); Block copolymer is 550 dollars/ton CFR for China and 560 dollars/ton CFR for Southeast Asia. A Saudi manufacturer reported the goods in August, and 1000 tons of wire drawing materials for sliding parts of industrial machinery such as multi axis machine tools, punches, tool grinders, automatic gas cutting machines, printers, card sorters, food packaging machines, etc. (CFR Southeast Asia). IPP film material 550 dollars/ton CFR, BOPP 540 dollars/ton (CFR Southeast Asia). A trader sells Indian goods, and the quotation of drawing 1000 tons in August is 520 dollars/ton (CFR Pakistan); The quotation of 1000 tons of membrane material is 530 US dollars/ton (CFR Pakistan). In September, the quotation of tons of iPP film material was 520 dollars/ton (CFR Southeast Asia); The quotation for tons of BOPP materials is 530 dollars/ton

domestic market

during the parking and overhaul of Yangzi, PP did not become stronger because of this benefit. As the company resumed driving on August 4, the market price fell even more. The mainstream price range was yuan/ton, down yuan/ton compared with the previous period. American film materials appeared in southern China last week. It is reported that the price was as low as 5750 yuan/ton, which had a great impact on the market. For the current market, 33% are bearish, 50% are flat and 17% are bullish. Due to the weak market demand, Yanshan parking maintenance did not stimulate the market like PE, which showed that the market was weak. However, it is reported that Shandong is relatively out of stock, but due to the weakening of the overall domestic market, the price here can not get rid of the downward trend

wire drawing material:

the national market fell, and the market price was between yuan/ton, a slight drop of 50 yuan/ton compared with last week; The mainstream price is yuan/ton. The price in Luoyang, Henan Province is yuan/ton, becoming a low-cost area in China. The price in Chengdu and Chongqing is 6000 yuan/ton. Last week, the competition among manufacturers has not ended. In order to seize market share, Huabei stone, a new entrant to the North China market, continued to reduce its price at 5600 yuan/ton, causing the ex factory price of Shanghai Petrochemical, Maoming Petrochemical and Tianjin Petrochemical to be reduced by about 100 yuan/ton. It is reported that the lowest preferential ex factory price in China is 5500 yuan/ton, and the market is bearish

bopp material:

most domestic materials are sold directly by manufacturers, and the price is yuan/ton (ex factory price). Tens of millions of grids were spent before and after the research of all projects, which is 250 yuan/ton lower than last week

copolymerization injection plastic:

the price was basically stable last week, and the price was between yuan/ton. The ex factory price of domestic enterprises is mostly between yuan/ton


affected by the decline in the price of granular materials, the price of powder materials has fallen, and some manufacturers still reduce it. The ex factory price is mostly in yuan/ton, down 50 yuan/ton compared with the previous period, but it has increased in some regions. Zhenhai Petrochemical raised the price by 50 yuan/ton to 5500 yuan/ton, and Nanjing Hongye raised the price by yuan/ton

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aftermarket forecast

the current market is characterized by the fact that the price of some granular materials has been significantly lower than the price of powder materials, and there is a state of price deviation, and the price of powder materials in East China and other regions shows signs of rising. It is estimated that the aftermarket of PP will tend to be stable due to this impact

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