The hottest recent carbon black market price quota

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Recently, the market price of carbon black

specifications and models


minimum price yuan/t

local market price yuan/t

carbon black n115

Hebei Shahe carbon black factory

7500 wet removal method: oil pump method

North China 7600-7700

carbon black N121

6800 wet method

North China 6900-7000

carbon black n219

4900 wet method

North China 5000-5100

carbon black n220

4500 wet method

South China 5200-5500

Northeast 5000-5200

carbon black n234

4700 wet method

North China 4800-4900

carbon black n326

4800 wet method

North China 4900-5000

carbon black N330

4300 wet method

South China 5000-5200

Northeast 4700-5000

carbon black n339

4400 wet process

North China 4500-4600

carbon black N351

4600 wet process the nano component structure of most polymers will melt into small pieces Graphene or other carbon nano materials

North China 4700-4800

carbon black N375

4600 wet method

North China 4700-4800

carbon black N550

4900 wet method

North China 5000-5100

carbon black n660

4400 wet method

South China 4800-4900

Northeast 4600-4800

carbon black N220

Tianjin carbon black plant


North China 5000-5200

carbon black N330


North China 4800-5000

Carbon black n660

4800 wet method

North China 4500-4850

is particularly suitable for production lines and laboratories to control product quality Note: the following is a brief introduction to the use of the above types of hardness testers one by one. The reprinted contents are indicated with the source. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean to agree with their views or confirm the authenticity of their contents

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