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Convenience of convenient food packaging

with the development of society and economy, people's pace of life is also faster and faster. In order to save time, some people have to eat in the car, while others eat while working in the office. Convenience food packaging began to provide convenience for these people in a variety of forms

innovations in the application of packaging materials, packaging structure design and appearance design will make convenient food packaging more popular in the future

the function of food packaging is not only as a container and protecting the food in it. In addition to these two aspects, food packaging also provides consumers with convenience, ease of use, eye-catching advertising, knowledge of nutritional functions and environmental protection of resource saving and waste recycling

the range of convenient food packaging is very wide, from single serving small packaging to package of set meal series, its market target is those busy people. Therefore, convenient food packaging should have the following characteristics: it can be taken with one hand, it can be eaten at one time, and it does not need to be matched with other foods as far as possible, and it does not need to be cooked

in addition, try to avoid using tableware and tables. Some convenience foods need to be stored for several months after purchase, and the storage temperature of these products should also be considered. Undoubtedly, it is also a huge business opportunity to appropriately select thermal sterilization, aseptic processing packaging, aseptic modified atmosphere packaging, increasing barrier packaging materials or selective breathable packaging materials, so as to achieve the purpose of corrosion prevention, fresh preservation and ensuring product quality

modern fast-paced needs convenient fast food, which also promotes various convenient food packaging. How to use intelligent control technology, including human like feature extraction technology, to adopt new convenient food packaging in their own products is a problem worthy of serious consideration by food processing and packaging enterprises

instant soup products

from the form of instant fast food soup, it can be divided into two categories: liquid soup after thermal sterilization and solid soup mixed with water. These two types of soup products require different packaging forms

for liquid soup products, most of them use metal or plastic cans (made by polyacrylonitrile or nylon coextrusion process), and generally use metal easy to open cans. The plastic can is covered with a foamed plastic insulation layer, and the outer layer of the metal cover is also covered with a plastic elastic clamping cover. For the convenience of heating in the microwave oven, a vent hole is left on the outer plastic cover -- the measurement system of material deformation. When eating, this kind of canned soup can be drunk directly without pouring into other containers

the solid soup is mostly packed with paper cups with good strength. The outer wall of the paper cup is treated with moisture-proof treatment, or it is directly made of polystyrene plastic cups, and most of them use paper-based composite films to open the cover. Convenient Tang Jing can also be packaged in composite bags. Compared with cup products with the same capacity, bagged products can save up to 84% of packaging materials and prolong the shelf life

convenient cereal products

it has been a practice for many years to pack small bags of cereal in cartons. In one kind, the carton and the small bag of cereal are designed to be connected. When the carton is opened, the small bag is also opened at the same time to form a "bowl", which can be eaten by pouring milk. This special cereal packaging has also been popular in the market for many years

the packaging of cereal convenience food is a new product made of polystyrene or thermoformed polypropylene material, which is recently made into a bowl container, filled with a certain amount of cereal, and then sealed with an easy to open cap

convenience drink products

at present, there are many kinds of beverage packaging forms, but in terms of its packaging, there is still potential for improvement. For example, the capacity and shape of the bottle of deanfoods in the United States are cleverly integrated with its trademark, which has greatly increased the sales volume and won many packaging design awards

the bottle and lid of this milk drink are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which looks very similar to the previous glass milk bottle. Its trademark is printed with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material, which is heat shrinkable and attached to the outer surface of the bottle. In addition, sterile packaging boxes are very popular because they are easy to carry and can be drunk after freezing. Aseptic packaging is made of a composite material, in which the cardboard plays a supporting role, the polymer plays a role of adhesive and moisture resistance, and the aluminum foil plays a role of blocking light. Each package is also equipped with a straw packaged separately

another convenient beverage package is the upright beverage bag. The bag making, filling and sealing operations are completed by one machine at a time. The material is a composite film of aluminum foil, ionic cross-linked polymer and polyethylene, in which the ionic cross-linked polymer is used as the bonding layer for sealing. The outside of this bagged beverage is also pasted with a separately packaged straw. Some packages place the straw inside the beverage bag and pull it out through the outer packaging surface when drinking

convenient yoghurt products

for many years, yoghurt products have mostly used sterile filling thermoformed cups. Recently, Gen · eralmills' new product adopts a triangular prism packaging bag, "you can eat the yogurt without using a spoon. The material of this kind of packaging bag is a composite film with polyester/low density polyethylene (LDPE) as the adhesive layer. The bag making, filling and sealing operations are completed on one equipment. Every 8 bags are packed into a box

convenience snacks

deanfoods in the United States recently launched a single serving sauce series, which can be eaten with potato chips or fresh vegetables. The package is a kind of thermoformed plastic cup, equipped with an easy to open aluminum foil cover. Every 4 or 6 cups are sold in a paper cylinder. The capacity and shape design of the cup fully consider the convenience of use

there is also a kind of ready to eat fruit slice packaging, which is filled with a mixed gas in a transparent 4-ounce plastic cup, and the shelf life at room temperature is as long as 18 months. Among the fruits, the cold filling process is adopted, and the sterilization method of heating after filling is applied. The cup-shaped container made of polypropylene can withstand the high temperature during sterilization, while vinyl alcohol acts as an oxygen barrier layer, which helps to ensure the quality and safety of products

staple food convenience food

this series of products are mostly paper-based packaging. This product needs to be heated in a microwave oven, so the packaging paper should be able to withstand temperatures up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, and the outer wall of the paper is coated with a polyester heat-resistant layer. The packaging design of this product makes it not only suitable for the freezing treatment required for transportation and retail, but also able to undergo the process of preliminary thawing under the refrigeration temperature and then fully thawing in the microwave oven within two minutes

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