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Recent market analysis of chlor alkali products in Northeast China

affected by the climate of rising energy and global economic downturn, the world chemical market generally presents a pattern of "strong alkali and weak chlorine", which also correspondingly causes domestic and northeast caustic soda to remain hot sales for a long time and the demand for chlorine to remain weak. In January, northeast chlor alkali cooperative enterprises produced 190300 tons of caustic soda, 55200 tons of liquid chlorine, 116500 tons of hydrochloric acid and 66600 tons of pvc10. Although the price of caustic soda has been raised for many times in Northeast China, the price increase factor of caustic soda can not make up for the loss of chlorine products. Enterprises in the same industry are generally faced with the difficult situation of increasing inventory pressure of chlorine products, unsalable products, difficult production balance and declining economic benefits. In particular, the overall economic environment in Northeast China lags behind the Guannei region, the demand of downstream industries shrinks, and the conditions for payment collection are poor, which makes the production and operation of enterprises even worse

1. The high level of caustic soda market is stable, and the product sales are in short supply. In the second quarter, international crude oil rose rapidly, with high volatility, and only at the end of June did it show a downward trend. The Brent crude oil index in the North Sea of Britain once exceeded the $30/barrel mark, which triggered the most serious energy crisis in the United States since the 1970s. In order to minimize the economic losses caused by the rise of alkali costs, famous chlor alkali production enterprises such as Dow Chemical and western chemical companies have to further reduce the operating rate while increasing the alkali price. In the second quarter, the operating rate of chlor alkali enterprises in the United States fell to 83% from 96.3% in the same period last year, intensifying the contradiction between supply and demand of international caustic soda. According to the national customs statistics, the domestic export volume of caustic soda continued to increase. In January, the total export volume of caustic soda nationwide was 147900 tons, an increase of 66600 tons over the same period last year, an increase of 122% year-on-year. In the second quarter, under the condition of smooth export, the domestic special lower fixture for chlor alkali stretching: the U-shaped opening is 92mm long and 75mm wide Φ One set of 18x100mm connecting shaft. Restricted by the difficulty of chlorine product sales, the enterprise cannot significantly increase the overall scale of caustic soda, resulting in tight goods and high prices of caustic soda products. Since the coordinated price rise of northeast chlor alkali cooperative enterprises in May, the chlor alkali Association and Northeast Branch have timely informed Huabei branch that the same industry in Hebei has adopted the strategy of "small steps to follow closely", and has raised the price of liquid alkali slightly for many times, which has played a strong supporting role in the stability of northeast caustic soda market

2. The general PVC market went down all the way, leading to the collapse of the chlorine related products market. After the May Day holiday, the general PVC market did not rebound, but fell sharply, falling by about 100 yuan/ton per week. The current normal price is yuan/ton, which has fallen below the industry cost line. The main reason is that the edc-vcm-pvc product chain continues to decline due to the global economic downturn. According to the prediction of the International Monetary Fund, the global economic growth rate this year will drop from 4.86% last year to 3.2%, of which the United States will drop from 5% to 1.5. As a precision instrument, if the metal impact testing machine is used for a long time, Japan will fall from 1.7% to 0.6%, the European Union will fall from 3.4% to 2.4%, and the most prominent South Korea will fall from 8.8% last year to 3.9%. The sudden reduction in PVC worldwide, countries are seeking to ease the pressure on PVC sales The way to transfer contradictions, and the Chinese market, whose economy is growing rapidly, has naturally become the target of public criticism. Since May, Russia, Japan, South Korea and ocean going goods have been coming fiercely and landing in China in a continuous stream. According to customs statistics, a total of 850000 tons of PVC were imported in January, an increase of 80% year-on-year, equivalent to 63.7 tons of chlorine. In the off-season of PVC demand, China can't bear the pressure of huge social total inventory and import, and the chemical market has been greatly impacted. The sharp decline of PVC market, the main product of domestic balanced chlorine, has increased the production and sales pressure of liquid chlorine, hydrochloric acid and other chlorine related products. The continuous decline of liquid chlorine and hydrochloric acid market has become the main feature of the chemical market in the second quarter. Shandong, Henan and Hebei provinces sharply lowered the price of liquid chlorine three times in the second quarter. At present, the average ex factory price of liquid chlorine in the customs is yuan/ton, and the lowest price is 1050 yuan/ton. Affected by the geographical location, the pressure of liquid chlorine in Liaoning in the south of the Northeast market is relatively high. In June, the reduction range of liquid chlorine in the same industry was generally about 100 yuan/ton

analyze the overall situation of the tension, contraction, twists and turns and shear test trend of various materials in the chemical market in the third quarter. The weakness of the chlorine product market is difficult to change in a short period of time. If there is no obvious rebound in PVC market demand, the whole chemical market may further deteriorate

-- caustic soda will become the only bright spot and will continue to maintain a prosperous sales situation. As the myth that the United States claims to be the most competitive in the production cost of caustic soda in the world has been broken, not only the west coast of the United States has become the export base of caustic soda in Asia, but also the export volume of the United States to Australia will continue to decline sharply, which is bound to leave more space for domestic caustic soda exports. The contract in northwest Europe in the second half of the year is also in the negotiation stage, and it is expected that the rising range of caustic soda price will be the same as that in the second quarter. Jinhua, the largest enterprise of caustic soda in Northeast China, will continue to maintain a high export volume. Although the ion-exchange membrane device with an annual output of 20000 tons of Benxi chlor alkali plant will start on July 10, it will not have a great impact on the overall market of caustic soda in Northeast China

-- liquid chlorine will become a prominent contradiction restricting the production and operation balance of enterprises in the same industry in the third quarter. In the off-season of the market, the incremental factor of hydrochloric acid in Northeast China is also more prominent, with a total of 48000 tons of new hydrochloric acid production capacity, an increase of 19.5%. Benxi chlor alkali General Plant added 10000 tons of acid production capacity in the whole year, which will play a role in the second half of the year. The 50000 tons of potassium sulfate compound fertilizer put into operation in Qiqihar chemical plant will produce about 12000 tons of acid by-product, and the monthly output of Jinzhou western special fertilizer will be 33200 tons after expansion, with a year-on-year increase of 48.36%. A large number of low-cost paid hydrochloric acid has seriously impacted the synthetic hydrochloric acid market, causing the price of hydrochloric acid to decline continuously and the competition to escalate gradually. At present, the price of synthetic acid in Northeast China is about yuan/ton, and the by-product acid is yuan/ton. Under the situation that the markets of chlorinated products such as PVC, paste resin, chlorinated paraffin, chlorinated benzene, chloropropene and propylene oxide are in a downturn, the commodity volume of liquid chlorine and hydrochloric acid will inevitably increase accordingly. In the face of off-season demand, it can only intensify market competition

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