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Recently, those led related products that make people "fall in love at first sight" Abstract: today, with serious product homogeneity, how can LED products make consumers fall in love at first sight? Is it weird? Touching design? Practical is king? Or is it strange? Everyone may have different standards for products that "fall in love at first sight". I'm going to introduce several new products below. I don't know if they can hit your heart and win your heart

what is the most impressive LED related product you have seen: Weird shape? Touching design? Practical is king? Or is it strange? Everyone may have different standards for products that "fall in love at first sight". I'm going to introduce several new products below. I don't know if they can hit your heart and win your heart

first of all, a new hybrid pulse light jdc1 applied to the 2017 European singing competition created a beautiful and cool dance effect; Opp shangzhao has launched a new Xuanye LED outdoor projection lamp, which can stably play an excellent lighting level in a complex and changeable environment; OSRAM's new flagship led table lamp "Jingyang" is said to inhibit glare, reduce visual fatigue, and effectively resist the harm of blue light

aumi Mini intelligent LED Night Light, which can display intelligent notifications through different flashing modes and color combinations; Tovnet is a security camera that can disguise as an LED bulb. When it detects abnormal movement, the LED light will automatically light up for two minutes; A new LED lamp with inflatable design has a unique shape and full personality...

German GLP launched jdc1 hybrid LED lamp

German GLP launched a new hybrid pulse lamp jdc1 in 2017. Compared with conventional flash lamps, jdc1 provides more shiny light. Jdc1 contains a format filling LED panel. The upper and lower tubes themselves use at least 1440 ultra bright RGB LEDs to interact to produce amazing effects. All three light sources can be controlled as independent parts or a complete unit, so that creativity is unlimited. At the same time, continuous operation as shading or wall washing light can also be carried out through LED tubes and panels without reducing the risk of output or thermal cutting

according to the introduction, the LED model of this product is OSRAM lrtb gvtg, the number of LEDs is 1440 RGB LEDs, the operating current is 100-240 VAC/50-60Hz, the power is 1200W, the inclination angle is 190 °, and the size is 390mm/15.3 inches × 150mm/5.9 inches × 251mm/9.8 inches (length × wide × High), weight 11.6kg. Previously, it was also used in the 2017 European singing competition, in which lighting engineers praised the jdc1 hybrid pulse lamp and X4 bar20 strip lamp for creating a cool and beautiful effect of the "European singing competition" and performing a beautiful visual feast

OPP business lighting launched Xuanye LED outdoor projection lamp

outdoor lighting design. Safe and reliable normal operation is the primary premise. For projection lamps used in outdoor lighting, the change of environment itself is a challenge. According to reports, OPP shangzhao has launched a new Xuanye LED outdoor projection lamp. Its multiple protective structure can ensure that the lamp can stably play an excellent lighting level in a complex and changeable environment. Xuanye has multiple protective functions, which makes its structure very stable. Waterproof and dustproof index reaches IP65, impact resistance index ik08, surge resistance index 10kV, waterproof respirator, metal waterproof screw, effectively preventing water, insects and dust from entering the shell and power supply chamber. Even in the harsh outdoor environment, the good protective performance of Xuanye can ensure the stable operation of lamps

as we all know, the stability, functionality and economic practicality of outdoor lighting are the core demands of users. It is understood that with the new materials of optical film and backlight film group as the core to promote the innovative development of new material industry in the province, Xuanye has excellent lighting design function, with 150W/200W high power, which can meet the needs of outdoor lighting. The installation angle is marked on the dial, the PMMA lens accurately controls the light, and the cover can be customized. In addition to the lighting performance requirements, Xuanye series also adopts a unique fin heat dissipation design, which makes the heat dissipation more direct and fast, ensures the chip life and improves the durability of lamps. These allow Xuanye series products to stably display good performance and quality in a harsh and volatile environment

OSRAM flagship LED desk lamp "Jingyang" is listed

desk lamp is one of the most commonly used lighting lamps for daily work and study. OSRAM has released and listed a new flagship LED desk lamp "Jingyang", with highly humanized four gear dimming and touch control, high-precision design and material use, providing healthier and more comfortable lighting for daily work and study. It is reported that this high-end table lamp has a high-tech built-in LED chip, the color temperature is adjustable between 2700 ~ 5200k, and the output light is more uniform and stable, which can suppress glare and reduce visual fatigue. In addition, the crystal table lamp uses OSRAM LED chip, with luminous flux of 550lm, color rendering> 80 and power of 10W, without stroboscopic, and can effectively resist the harm of blue light

Jingyang table lamp adopts double arm design, which is more flexible in height adjustment. It is reported that in daily study and work, the height of the push lamp surface from the desktop should be about 50cm, which can achieve the most reasonable and uniform lighting effect. It has four levels of dimming, "yellow light, warm yellow light, warm white light, white light" four light color options, and provides "25%, 50%, 75%, 100% brightness adjustment" in brightness selection, creating a designated reading lighting and situational atmosphere. The operation of Jingyang desk lamp has evolved from a traditional mechanical switch to a sliding touch panel. The desk lamp base is also designed with a rechargeable USB interface, which can charge mobile devices at any time

intelligent LED Night light that can display notifications aumi Mini

aumi Mini is a more comprehensive intelligent LED Night Light. It is not only convenient to use, but also can change various colors. It can even display intelligent notifications through different flashing methods and color combinations. When aumi Mini is connected to the Wi Fi network at home, it can be controlled through intelligence. Aumi Mini is easy to use. It is equipped with a USB interface, which can be directly plugged into the smart charging plug. Many people have the habit of leaving the plug on the wall, and aumi Mini can make more efficient use of it without wasting this space. The color of aumi Mini can be set arbitrarily through the smart app, and the brightness and flicker mode can also be adjusted with the meter

in addition, you can set different colors for different notifications in the app, such as Twitter is blue, green, white, SMS is yellow, and so on. You can even wake us up with light in conjunction with the alarm clock. Aumi Mini can not only be controlled remotely through smart app, but also supports touch operation. It can be turned on or off as long as you touch the surface of aumi Mini. At the same time, aumi Mini also has a built-in light sensor, which can be set to automatically light up after turning off the light at night and turn off automatically at dawn during the day, truly becoming an intelligent LED notification light. Aumi Mini can be used wherever there is a USB interface, not just a plug

security camera with strong concealment disguised as LED bulb

this security camera called tovnet is characterized by its ability to disguise as LED bulb. At present, in order to make the public security environment of the home better, more and more families have installed intelligent surveillance cameras, connected to the power supply Wi Fi, and can also monitor the situation at home from a distance. If they encounter abnormal mobile objects, they can also receive an alarm. However, an experienced thief may start searching around for those cameras that can be seen at a glance as soon as he enters the door, and then unplug it. Tovnet security camera, which can disguise as LED bulb at ordinary times, is born to solve this problem. It is reported that tovnet adopts a standard E26/E27 interface with a 4-load gantry frame (special configuration). Generally, the lamp holder can be installed, which is very flexible and convenient

in addition, it also has mainstream configurations, such as 960p HD video shooting, 120 degree field of vision, two-way voice support, built-in SD card, and motion recognition and night vision functions. Tovnet has built-in Wi Fi connection and is compatible with IOS/Android and desktop PC applications. It can easily realize monitoring through and tablet, and can also talk in two directions. It also acts as the function of access control intercom. Because of the strong concealment of the design, it can be installed anywhere. Even if the thief smashes the light bulb, the SD card will not be damaged, and the video can be completely saved as evidence. However, tovnet itself cannot be illuminated independently, but when it detects abnormal movement, the LED light will automatically light up for two minutes. It is suggested to shoot clearer videos in specific areas such as new materials

inflatable design household LED lamp that is not afraid of damage

a designer has invented a new type of LED lamp with inflatable design, which has unique shape and full personality. From the display of this inflatable LED lamp, its internal structure is not complicated. When not in use, it can be folded to reduce the occupation of space. The designer said that in view of the large space occupied by ordinary LED lights, there is also a lack of portability. If you accidentally fall to the ground, the lamp will be broken, so the inspiration for designing this lamp came into being

according to the introduction, this lamp has many different shapes to choose from. Because the material is relatively light, it can be hung anywhere in the room, which can be made into a curved shape at will or directly hung on the wall. Due to the inflatable design of this new LED, the lamp can be blown up like a balloon when used

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