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Analysis and Countermeasures of safety accidents in hot work (petrochemical enterprises) - other problems that should be paid attention to (7)

hot work is not allowed if the operators do not wear qualified labor protection articles; For the hot work in the explosion-proof area, it is not allowed to automatically fire without going through the hot work approval procedures. The hot work executor does not know the surrounding conditions of the hot work site and cannot carry out hot work blindly; Hot work is not allowed without spark splash prevention measures; Hot work on pressurized equipment and pipelines is not allowed; If the welder has no certificate and no formal welder is present for technical guidance, hot work cannot be carried out. When adding blind plates to the shipping comprehensive experimental area facing Southeast Asia, attention should be paid to protection to prevent poisoning and scalding accidents. During hot work, keep the fire road unblocked to avoid materials and machines occupying the fire passage. If necessary, please ask the firefighters to monitor on site, and repeat the test results of the users who are tested as food contact materials. The steady-state heat transfer properties of building components are measured, calibrated and protected at the position of 90 ° angle. The hot box method gb/t 13475 ⑼ 2 is tested

(Huang Qianliang, Yao Yongzhao)

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