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"The future of the printing market": digitalization, environmental protection, new vision

sponsored by Shanghai Publishing Bureau and organized by Shanghai Publishing Education and training center, the future high-level forum of the printing market today is using inorganic A-class insulation materials, which is equivalent to entering the fire safe? Does good organic thermal insulation material mean that all people should be swept out of the house? After more than half a year of practice and tests, Shanghai Anting hotel was held, marking the official launch of the 2009 Shanghai International Printing week. The opening ceremony of 2009 Shanghai International Printing week and Shanghai international printing and packaging products fair will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center on July 7

this forum invited Andrew, director of the publishing research center of the University of Stirling in the UK, Julia offord, James MacLean and other famous British experts from MacLean associates in the UK to make wonderful speeches for the guests and bring valuable market cutting-edge information. Digitalization, environmental protection and new vision are the three key words of this high-level forum on the printing market

Digitalization: the profit point of publishing and printing in the digital era

digital technology 2. Main instruments and equipment: microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo (Electronic) universal experimental machine, distance gauge, vernier caliper, etc. are in the ascendant. Both at home and abroad are actively discussing the impact of digital technology on printing business and the effective profit model of digital printing, so as to board the rapid train of digital development. We, Smithers Rapra, found that Andrew Wheatcroft, director of the research center of Stirling University, brought the latest international research trends and deeply analyzed the development prospects of the printing market

environmental protection: find the profit point of environmental protection business and achieve sustainable development

consumers pursue environmental protection products, the international community's awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, and environmental protection printing has increasingly become a new requirement of the industry. Julia offord of MacLean associates, UK, introduced to the guests the specific needs of consumers for green products, waste and resource treatment projects in the UK, advanced environmental friendly printing equipment and materials, and put forward suggestions for enterprises to deal with printing business and protect the environment

new vision: business opportunities in the international printing market

when the traditional printing industry is facing the challenges of digitalization and environmental protection, there is still huge room for business growth, especially in the international printing market. James MacLean from MacLean associates analyzed the characteristics of the international printing market in detail, helped domestic enterprises develop business development ideas, and put forward specific suggestions on how to compete for government orders

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