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Japan has developed a new technology for water absorption of polypropylene

Professor Kanazawa of Fukushima University in Japan recently developed a new technology, which can make water-resistant polypropylene have water absorption and can make low pollution household products

polypropylene is a 2.3 understanding of discrimination threshold verification. 4. The transmission system of the electronic universal experimental machine is a synthetic material used in a large amount of daily necessities. It does not contain chlorine and does not produce toxic substances such as dioxin when burning. In order to make it water absorbent, the data collection channel can be expanded. It is usually irradiated by electron beam and radiation

Professor Kanazawa developed a cheaper production technology. The method is to irradiate polypropylene with ultraviolet light to make it active, and then treat it with water and chemicals to form hydroxyl groups on its surface. The combination of hydroxyl and oxygen in the air makes polypropylene water absorbent. After this treatment, polypropylene can attach water up to 5-13 times its own weight. Polypropylene with water absorption can be used to make baby diapers, disposable clothes and other daily necessities, so there is no need to worry about causing greater pollution to the environment. This technology can also be used to deal with other plastic products. The market of plastic machinery enterprises in China will be more open up (China Chemical News)

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