New York plans to ban the sale of large packages o

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New York plans to ban the sale of large packages of sugary beverages to combat obesity

the New York City Government plans to ban the failure analysis and troubleshooting of restaurants and electrical material testing machines. Cinemas and roadside stalls sell large packages of sugary beverages such as soft drinks, in order to reduce the growing phenomenon of obesity

the proposal will be implemented in March next year

this proposal is expected to be implemented in March next year, which will affect almost all fast-food chains, stadiums and cinemas in New York. According to the proposal, all sugary beverages with a volume of more than 16 ounces will be banned from sale. This volume is equivalent to a medium cup of coffee, smaller than the common soda bottle packaging

the measures will not apply to dairy beverages such as sugar free soda, fruit juice, wine and milkshakes, regardless of food stores or convenience stores

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said: obesity is a national problem. Public health officials all over the United States are rubbing their hands and saying, oh, this is too bad. New York City should not just rub its hands, but do something practical. I think this is what the public wants the mayor to do

Bloomberg believes that this measure will not limit consumers' choices. People who want to drink more can buy more bottles of carbonated drinks at the same time. He said that this would not have a negative impact on local businesses, and suggested that hotels could raise their prices when beverage sales fell

the possibility of approval is relatively high


the New York Times believes that Bloomberg's proposal still needs to be approved by the New York Health Bureau, and the possibility of approval is relatively high, because the management of the health bureau is all appointed by Bloomberg

Bloomberg has always regarded improving public health as the top priority during his term of office, and has advocated a series of bold measures, including banning smoking in restaurants and parks, banning restaurants from providing trans fatty food, and requiring restaurant windows to show health grade signs

although these measures sometimes make Bloomberg be ridiculed as Bloomberg nanny, many of them have been followed by other cities, including requiring chain restaurants to indicate the calorie content of each dish on the menu

in recent years, carbonated beverages have become the main front in the fight against obesity in the United States. Many school districts have recently banned the sale of carbonated beverages in campuses where waste plastics can be used as printing materials, and some cities have banned the sale of carbonated beverages in public buildings. More than half of the adult population in New York City is obese or overweight. Thomasfarley, the municipal health commissioner, said that more than half of the increase in obesity rate in the city in the past 30 years was attributed to sugary drinks. About a third of New Yorkers drink sugary drinks every day

New Yorkers have had mixed reactions

New Yorkers believe that the new measures do have some impact on them, good or bad

saragoshnor, 21, told the New York Times that I think this is a good idea because carbonated drinks can corrode teeth

but others believe that consumers should have freedom of choice. Zara atar, 20, said: if people want to drink more, it's their own decision. Lawrence Goins, 50, is particularly practical in his thinking: some films last for three hours or three and a half hours according to the type and scale of goods. You have to quench your thirst

Stefan Friedman, spokesman of the New York City Beverage Association, criticized the proposal on May 30, saying that it was very unfair for the proposal to only target carbonated beverages. He said: serious health professionals should now start looking for practical solutions to curb obesity. Radical proposals can only interfere with the hard work that needs to be done in this field

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