New uses of the hottest polyester film

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New uses of polyester film

PET polyester film has excellent physical and chemical properties, dimensional stability, transparency and recyclability. It can be widely used in magnetic recording, photosensitive materials, electronics, electrical insulation, industrial film, packaging and decoration and other fields. With the development of special functional polyester film, new uses continue to appear. This article will briefly discuss some new uses

compressed air plastic film

compressed air plastic film (foam packaging) is made of two pieces of polyester film sealed together and filled with bubbles between them. In this way, compressed air provides a good buffer for lighter objects. It can be cut, so it can package products of any shape or size. Since the main function of polyester film is to improve support, it is expected to be of medium thickness (25 ~ 75 μ m) The membrane is suitable

nano PET film

high transparency and gloss: the particle size of nanoparticles is between 1 ~ 100nm, which is smaller than the wavelength of visible light, and has little effect on the transparency of the film

high barrier performance and heat resistance: using nano materials with special properties and unique processing technology, nano materials are evenly dispersed in pet matrix in nano size. During the film production process, through tensile orientation, PET film shows extremely excellent barrier performance. The transmittance of O2, CO2, H2O is doubled, and the heat resistance is also greatly improved, which can expand the application field of pet, It can greatly extend the shelf life of the packaged goods, and can also be used in occasions requiring hot filling or disinfection and sterilization

lamination (card protection purpose)

paper carrier publications, packaging and other printed materials are processed by lamination after printing, so the graphics and texts are protected and the visual effect is better. In particular, the matte film has no diffuse refraction of wide-angle and excessive light, giving people a new feeling of softness, profundity, nobility and luxury. Lamination can increase the depth and brightness of color, improve color contrast, and make graphics and texts waterproof, non sticky, oil resistant and wear-resistant. It improves the physical and mechanical strength of the paper, such as tension value, smoothness, light aging, tear resistance, puncture resistance, etc., suppresses the physical property of moisture absorption, reduces the deformation and damage of the paper products caused by moisture, and improves the rigidity and forming stability of the products. The printed matter processed by film coating can delay the fading process even if it is exposed to sunlight. According to relevant statistics, good packaging can increase sales by 15 ~ 18%. The investment of film coating cost in post press finishing is far lower than the increase of product added value, commodity promotion rate, safe and convenient use value, etc

application in transparent electrode

it has been reported that soluble high conductivity polyaniline has been successfully coated on polyester (PET) film instead of ITO as transparent electrode, and flexible large-area plastic light-emitting diodes have been realized internationally for the first time. Through the study of the interface characteristics between luminescent polymer materials and metal electrodes, the long-term working stability of the device can be achieved

antistatic PET film

due to the electrostatic phenomenon caused by the friction of PET film, coating water-soluble polyaniline and specific polyester binder on PET film can not only maintain its transparency, but also have excellent antistatic properties. Replace metal cans with multi-layer films. An Indian food company uses multi-layer films to replace metal packaged food, which not only reduces the packaging cost, but also has good preservation and corrosion prevention effect. Multilayer film is composed of polyester film, aluminum film and polypropylene film. It is used in food packaging, which not only ensures the strength of flexible packaging cans, but also prevents light leakage and oxidation. It is said that sardine are packed with multi-layer film and have a storage period of more than two years

polyester film for digital printing

Robert UK avoids that the experimental machine cannot operate normally with software. Horne company exclusively produces a digital polyester film durakote TM, which has two types: single sheet and reel, and is specially used for digital color printing. The polyester film has various colors, including opaque white, transparent Matt, ultra transparent and metallic gloss, as well as white, Matt and ultra transparent adhesive film. Durakote film is coated with a special coating to ensure good adhesion of the color agent, unlike some films sold on the market at present, which will crack and peel off the color agent at the fold. This film can provide good ink adhesion, printing quality and color reproduction effect, and has very good flattening performance

application in loudspeaker

the rated power of tdm30n-d, tdm26n-a, tdm36n-b and tdm36n-t Mylar loudspeaker launched by Changzhou Tongda Wanjin Electronics Co., Ltd. reaches 0.5, 0.25, 0.5 and 1W respectively, and the resonant frequency is 500Hz ± 20%, 350Hz ± 20%, 550hz ± 20% and 650hz ± 20%. The rated impedance of these products is 8 ohms ± 15%, the boost level (SPL) reaches 85dB ± 3dB, and the operating temperature range is -10 ℃ to 40 ℃. The application of holography uses imprint holographic technology to transfer the holographic surface structure to polyester film, so as to successfully print the world's first molded hologram. This kind of laser hologram, also known as rainbow hologram, is used in combination with printed matter. So far, holography has taken a decisive step towards social application

base material of pressure-sensitive tape (sheet)

the base material of pressure-sensitive tape (sheet) is mainly various materials such as paper, cloth and plastic film. In recent years, due to the special needs of electromagnetic shielding and heat transfer and heat insulation with reduced synthetic cost, pressure-sensitive adhesive products with conductive, magnetic and heat transfer metal foil as the base material have been newly developed. Pressure sensitive adhesive trademarks and nameplates are mainly paper, aluminum foil and vacuum aluminized polyester film. Some special-purpose adhesive tapes are often made of two different substrates. There are also dozens of pressure-sensitive adhesive products commonly used in the electronic industry, especially for TV manufacturers, in addition to the commonly used insulating adhesive tapes and pressure-sensitive adhesive trademarks, there are polyurethane foam plastic tapes for vibration and heat insulation; Bunched tape for wiring; Surface protective tape; Electromagnetic shielding tape; All kinds of double-sided tape, masking tape and braided tape for electronic components, etc. Pressure sensitive adhesive products for nameplate, trademark and identification of instructions generally use paper, plastic film and metal foil as base materials. In recent years, in order to reduce costs, vacuum aluminized film has been widely used, which does not include the disturbance of virus and crash as the base material. Pressure sensitive adhesive films made by transfer printing method are used to make nameplates and instruction plates for precautions of televisions, televisions, cameras and electronic computers

flexibility is a commonly used characteristic of polyester film. Its characteristic is that it can form a retractable coil when heated. If suitable adhesive is used, this material can be used at 800c-1300oc The range of use depends on the grade of the material. Special attention should be paid during welding. This material is prone to softening and deformation at welding temperature. It has excellent electrical performance, and can still maintain its good electrical performance when exposed to high humidity environment

Application of low-temperature radiant electrothermal film

low temperature radiant electrothermal film heating is one of the world's advanced heating systems. As the main body of the system, the electrothermal film is a translucent polyester film that can heat up after being powered on. It has many excellent characteristics, such as high temperature resistance, humidity resistance, wide temperature range, high toughness, low shrinkage, safe operation, convenient transportation and so on. The electrothermal membrane heating system is water-saving, land-saving, power-saving, pollution-free, less maintenance, moderate investment and operation costs, and can be used as the main heating system in buildings. The electric heating film heating system takes the electric heating film as the heating body. Through infrared radiation, the surrounding dense objects (walls, floors, furniture, etc.) first absorb energy, and then the temperature rises. Then these objects emit radiant heat to naturally and evenly raise the indoor temperature. There is no dry and muggy feeling brought by the traditional heating system. 159 the indoor temperature of architectural coatings remains balanced

advantages: less one-time investment and long service life. It is more energy-saving to use it in energy-saving houses with strong sealing, heat preservation and heat insulation, and the operating cost should be between coal and gas. The temperature of each room can be adjusted by itself. Although it is controversial, the use of electric heating is definitely a trend. At the same time, Beijing has required that from October this year, new commercial houses should adopt metered heating

composition and characteristics of the main materials of kellerick electric heating film: the base material is polyester film. Ingredient: polyethylene terephthalate. The characteristics are: excellent electrical performance; Good mechanical strength; Stable size; The melting point is between ℃; Aging will not be accelerated below 100 ℃

the material of the heater is: ink with special formula. Ingredients: graphite, etc. The material of current carrying bar is: metal copper (tinned). The current carrying bar process is copper tin plating. The characteristics are: copper and gold are the only two metals with special colors among all metals

the development prospect of energy-saving glass film is optimistic

at present, an energy-saving safety glass film is widely promoted in Shanghai and Guangdong. Pasting it on ordinary float glass can change the physical properties of float glass and make it a high-performance window glass with the characteristics of heat insulation, energy saving, explosion-proof, UV protection, beautifying appearance and so on

Foshan DuPont Hongji Film Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of various high-quality polyester films. In recent years, it has developed some new products according to the market demand

matte film (YG, YGd): it is produced by special raw materials and special manufacturing processes. In addition to the superior chemical and physical properties of ordinary polyester film, the product also has: high haze, low light transmittance; Matte, matte; It has good aluminum plating and printing performance. Matte film is suitable for the production of special high-grade labels such as household appliances, computer precision instruments and equipment, indoor matte decorative materials, printing and packaging of high-grade cigarettes, alcohol, etc., and the application of film covering of high-grade books

shrink insulating base film (HEL, held): the product performance is characterized by high shrinkage after heating; The wrapped products have good insulation; High tensile strength and good toughness; The product is transparent. Shrink insulation base film is mainly used for electronic/electrical insulation layers requiring high shrinkage

motor film (EM): excellent mechanical properties; Good electrical insulation performance; Good heat resistance; It has a certain extinction effect; It has excellent machinability. Motor film is mainly used for the insulation of motors and generators, and also for the insulation of wires and cables

high brightness aluminum plating base film (8301, 8304): in addition to the advantages of aluminum plating base film, high brightness aluminum plating base film also has the mirror after aluminum plating; High transparency and low haze; Excellent winding performance. High brightness aluminized base film is mainly used as laser anti-counterfeiting base film, high-end packaging and anti-counterfeiting packaging film, and energy-saving film (heat insulation and explosion-proof base film). If aluminum plating is required, aluminum plating must be carried out on the uncoated surface or corona treated surface. The composite structure can increase the heat sealing inner layer as required


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