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The quality value traceability system of standard materials

the development opportunities brought to the cable industry by the urbanization process, smart power construction and distributed energy construction in 2014; Technical status and utilization of UHV special cable materials; Current market situation and development trend of medium and high voltage crosslinked cable materials; Current market situation and development trend of thermoplastic elastomer cable materials; Introduction of new rubber and plastic formula for wire and cable; Current market situation and development trend of automotive cable materials; Current situation and utilization of peroxide crosslinked polyethylene cable material technology; Innovative utilization of nano inorganic materials and technologies in the field of cable materials; Utilization of plastic modification technology in wire and cable materials; The use of recycled materials in rubber and plastic cables and other reference materials quality value traceability system

reference materials are the measurement standards to achieve accurate and consistent measurement and ensure the effective transmission of quantity values. After the experiment, the measurement standards of the experimental curve can be called up again. In the actual measurement, through the use of reference materials of different grades, the quantity values can be traced from low to high accuracy level by level until the international basic unit, This process is called the "traceability process" of quantity value. On the contrary, the process from the international basic unit to the actual measurement site with different levels of reference materials from high to low is called the "transmission process" of quantity. Thus, a complete traceability quantity transmission system of chemical measurement is formed. In the whole traceability chain, reference materials play a vital role in reproducing the measurement value, transferring the measurement uncertainty and realizing the accuracy and consistency of measurement. Definitive

method is a method that can be directly traced back to international basic units or basic constants, and has a solid theoretical foundation and strict mathematical expression. Its precision, accuracy, measurement range and stability have been rigorously studied and verified, with the highest level. At present, the internationally recognized authoritative methods of chemical measurement include precision coulometry, isotope dilution mass spectrometry, gravimetric method, volumetric method, freezing point drop method, etc


method refers to a method with high precision and stability. Its accuracy has been verified by authoritative methods or other methods with different principles, which proves that there is no perceptible directional systematic error, and the total uncertainty of its measurement results can be estimated

certified reference

materials (CRMs for short) refers to the use of authoritative methods or standard methods with more than two different principles and other accurate and reliable methods to determine the value. The uncertainty has the highest level in China, with good uniformity and stability. It plays a connecting role in the traceability chain. Many secondary reference materials are traced to the national benchmark through primary reference materials

secondary reference materials (Wo increased by 2 year-on-year, modified plastics by 9.32. But at the same time, the surplus enterprise profit balance was 4.351 billion yuan. Rking reference

materials) has a large range of speed regulation available. It is the method of comparative measurement with primary reference materials or the method of setting the value of primary reference materials. Its instability and uniformity did not reach the level of primary reference materials, which can meet the needs of general measurement. Secondary reference materials are a kind of reference materials widely used in daily analysis and detection. Due to their complex matrix composition, different pretreatment methods, and the relative measurement method is usually used for the fixed value, the corresponding primary reference materials are needed to calibrate the instrument. A variety of different analysis methods, such as standard curve method, standard addition method, internal standard method, etc., can also be used for comparative measurement, so as to determine the level of uncertainty of their quantity value, Ensure the traceability of measurement

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