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It is imperative for printing enterprises to enter the Internet

although the vast majority of printers do not easily develop the Internet strategy, those printers who use the Internet for communication and production have achieved significant growth in revenue and profits. Using network can save the trade expenses of enterprises, and make the trade between companies easier

why do you say so? We have a station, printers all over the United States have argued. Maybe so, but having a station doesn't mean having an Internet strategy. Like all good strategies, interconnection strategies must also be visionary. This doesn't mean to describe it in fancy words, but to summarize with simple and practical statements what will involve you in the Internet and make you think that it will affect your trade

maybe you just want to facilitate file transmission or work handover, or maybe you just like the public. Your station can be a convenient place to send e-mail (although you don't need to have a station to send e-mail at all)

but this is a good start. A good beginning often produces great results. Simple file transfer can be developed into an "intelligent chemical plant". In this factory, all production factors are connected with each other. Even small-scale automation can save time in the work process and greatly improve revenue. So if you are trying to automate prepress operation, printing and post press processing, please stop and think about what else you need to do to realize automation? Can you automate the process from entering production to invoicing? Will the development of Internet strategy make your employees focus on printing production, and all processes no longer urge each other? Of course it can be done

we often talk about automated office work scattered in the field of manual operation. Now we talk about integrated production and manufacturing. From the perspective of horizontal direction, integrated manufacturing is an interconnected process, which is better than the separation operation in the vertical direction. In the workshop equipped with computer direct plate making and CIP4 (CIP3) facilities, it is difficult to tell where the prepress ends and where the printing starts. And if we automate the production operation, why can't we also automate the communication with customers

after all, customers are an important factor in our manufacturing. Through the Internet, naturally, the communication between us and our customers will get twice the result with half the effort. But will this automated communication form a barrier in customer interactions? Some people say that communication through the Internet will be far away from the customer base, but those who know it don't agree with this statement. "The more we go, the more important customer relationship will be formed with our customers. When it comes to the benefits of replacing metal with plastic." A farsighted printer explained, "through interconnection does not mean to replace face-to-face contact, but its purpose is to bring customers into the production process more directly."

from the perspective of customers, would you rather call three times a day for a simple problem, or would you like to solve it smoothly through one call

using Internet tools will make it easier for you to do business with customers. Especially when you do business with your international clients. Having such a system to replace work management arrangement, work tracking and schedule will be of great benefit to every large or small printing factory. Think about it. You no longer have to track work orders in the workshop

if you use the internal local area of the enterprise to arrange work, it is not difficult to integrate your enterprise with the world. With a little creativity and imagination, you can develop a job tracking system. It will make your customers 1. Build confidence in hollowed out materials such as pipes, and make them pay attention to their live parts in the workshop. Give customers the right to check their work with safe and secret behavior. This is just a way to personalize the service. This is just a kind of service that your customers will keep for a long time

a printer I know once said that his station exists in a way of maintaining and cultivating customer relations. "Our station has great potential to condense these relationships." He summed up, "and this kind of effort will get new customers and enable you to retain customers. It's more worthwhile than what you could have done before."

Mr. clink funk pointed out some weak links in the construction of the station in a professional commentary on "digital prepress" written for NAPL (National Assn. for Printing Leadership). For example, the information often used for contact, especially the email address, is not listed in some stations. The station should facilitate communication with customers or potential customers. Email itself is not instructive. It's just the fastest and best tool to connect with customers. In fact, it also allows employees to get information anytime, anywhere. However, do employees know the difference between email addresses and addresses? Do they know the company has a station? Each employee starts the "experience" journey with a box of samples. You should know this, especially those who often receive them. Don't make the company look outdated in the Internet era because employees don't know the Internet tools currently used by the company

in any case, please do not delay the development of the Internet strategy. If you are ambitious, or take printing on the brink of trouble as your only service project, then Internet strategy should become a business plan for you; If you still believe in the potential of printing and believe that printing is the source of your profit increase, then the Internet strategy should be part of your market plan; If you just want to facilitate file transfer, you should at least take the Internet strategy as your product planning and production process

there is no service based on Internet, just like there is no service in business. If you want to get customers' full trust in you, you should also give them corresponding returns, so that customers will no longer do business with others with high efficiency and high rate of return. Like, fax and e-mail, Internet is just a communication tool. The space of Internet is infinite. As long as you choose it hopefully, your company will prosper day by day

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