It is imperative to eliminate white pollution

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Moreover, the impregnation process is also more inefficient.

it is imperative to eliminate white pollution.

the Guangzhou solid waste pollution prevention and control plan (hereinafter referred to as the plan) has been formulated and passed the expert demonstration a few days ago. It is proposed that free plastic bags and free disposable products will be gradually banned from the 2010 Asian Games to 2015. At the same time, three garbage power plants will be built and six square plates in septic tanks will be cancelled

according to the introduction, the plan proposes that government agencies and institutions should take the lead in promoting e-government and e-office to reduce paper consumption, and promote the development of renewable future vehicles. Product use 3. Plastic tensile testing machine: the tensile strength of plastic is greater than that of rubber, reducing excessive packaging of consumer products and excessive consumption of disposable products. During the 2010 Asian Games, large supermarkets and shopping malls will no longer provide free plastic bag packaging, and star rated hotels and restaurants will reduce the free use of disposable supplies

source: Huicong plastic industry

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