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The integration and innovation of natural rubber industry resources is imperative

affected by the slow recovery of the world economy and uncertain factors, the price of natural rubber has continued to decline from the peak in 2011. In recent years, the falling international rubber price has made the rubber industry cold. Xishuangbanna, as the second largest rubber producing area in China, has naturally suffered a lot in this cold current. This cold wave has brought not only the downturn of the rubber industry, but also the hardships of rubber farmers

the integration and innovation of natural rubber industry resources is imperative

at present, it is the rubber cutting season. Li Xingrong, who has planted rubber for more than 10 years in the 11th residential group of Manhai production team of Jinghong farm, is not happy. Li Xingrong's family now has 600 rubber plants. A few years ago, when the price of rubber was more than 20 yuan per kilogram, the whole family had an income of nearly 100000 yuan a year. Today, the price of rubber continues to fall, and the income of Li Xingrong's family has also shrunk significantly. In addition to cutting and dispensing glue as living expenses, we can only find ways to go out to work to earn money to support our families

once upon a time, the rubber production of Jinghong farm maintained a yield of more than 130 kg per mu for 20 consecutive years, becoming the first agricultural reclamation enterprise in China with an annual output of dry rubber. Only in this way can users select products that are more suitable for their own equipment and break the 20000 ton mark. The total output ranks first in the country, and the yield per mu and plant are maintained at the world advanced level. In recent years, the products such as electrical components and components adopted by 4. Control system have strong continuity due to the change of supply and demand relationship in domestic and foreign markets, as well as the increasingly mature synthetic rubber products and other factors, and the price of natural rubber products has remained depressed

Lujiping, deputy director of Jinghong farm management committee, said that the economic development office of Jinghong farm made statistics in January 2016. From 2011 to 2015, the latex sold by farm workers was converted into dry rubber, and the price per kilogram was 27.2 yuan, 21.3 yuan, 13 yuan, 8.8 yuan and 7.8 yuan respectively. Judging from the development trend in the future, it is expected that a large number of natural rubber will still be put on the market in the next few years, and the price of natural rubber will remain low

resource integration and innovative products promote the development of rubber industry in Yunnan

the output of natural rubber in Yunnan accounts for half of the country. The impact of the decline in rubber price on the rubber industry in Yunnan Province is naturally not small. Facing the depressed rubber market price, how does Yunnan rubber industry cope with the challenge? At the first Yunnan Rubber Industry Development Forum held a few days ago, experts from inside and outside the province gave advice

the forum focused on the theme of "new development trend of China's rubber industry under supply side Reform -- Integration and innovation". The participating experts exchanged and discussed how to establish new ideas, adapt to the new normal, tap new potential, seek new breakthroughs, and reshape industrial confidence. As of 2015, the planting area of natural rubber in China has exceeded 17 million mu, of which about 8.56 million mu (about 4.21 million mu of cutting area) in Yunnan, with an average unit yield of 113 kg per mu. The output of natural rubber in Yunnan Province has accounted for more than 50% of the national output. Although the planting area is large, it still faces the current situation of small, scattered and weak. The elimination method is to take out the plunger and polish it again. Therefore, experts suggest that resource integration, group development and scale operation are particularly important

with the integration and centralized planning of resources, changing the utilization of plastics in automobiles has received unprecedented attention. The way of unified rubber rough processing and extending to the fine processing industrial chain is another way to break through the bottleneck of development

zhengwenrong, Secretary General of China Natural Rubber Association, said, "we should especially develop new products. Now the variety of rubber products is relatively single. In fact, rubber is used in all walks of life, including national defense, military industry, high-speed rail, aerospace, etc. in addition to tires, we should develop more special rubber."

in addition, while transforming itself, Yunnan Province also actively contacts with surrounding countries to explore the international cooperation mode of natural rubber

it is hoped that through various efforts, resource integration, product innovation, the development of Yunnan rubber industry can be promoted, and the situation of cold winter in the rubber industry can be changed

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