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Compared with the rapid development of industrial product packaging, the packaging of agricultural products still lags behind, which restricts the development of agricultural economy to a great extent. Whenever the harvest season, we can always see oranges, grapefruits and other fruits stacked on the roadside and sold at a low price. It is a great pity that the farmers' hard work is not paid. On the contrary, in large urban shopping malls, the "foreign" fruits carefully packed on the fruit cabinet are expensive and sell well. Therefore, it is imperative to improve the packaging of agricultural products, which is the fundamental way to improve the grade of agricultural products, expand the sales market and improve agricultural economic benefits. To improve the packaging of agricultural products, we must fully consider the characteristics of agricultural and sideline products, the characteristics of the sales market, consumers' consumption psychology and other factors in terms of material selection, packaging design and so on, so as to make the perfect combination of packaging and products and achieve the purpose of promoting sales. Fruit packaging at present, fruit packaging is still in its infancy. Many fruits are not packed at all in the peak season and are sold by the roadside; Or packed in bamboo baskets or plastic woven bags, dozens of kilograms each. Nowadays, most towns are small families of three or four people, which is really unacceptable, let alone packaging design and brand publicity. In fact, some people also realize the value of packaging. Smart fruit stall owners choose several kinds of fruits and put them in a delicate small basket, then wrap them with colored transparent plastic film, and stick plastic flowers on them. The price can be doubled, and the business is booming. The improvement of fruit packaging should be especially accepted by fruit farmers, and the competent agricultural departments should actively study and promote it. Imagine that if the tangerine is selected, covered with Shanghai cotton and packed in cartons, the price and sales will be promising. The packaging of fragrant pomelo in Jiangyong, Hunan Province is also promising. First, the fruit variety "Jiangyong fragrant pomelo" is of high quality. As long as we strengthen publicity and improve packaging, it can become a famous brand of fruit. Second, fragrant pomelo has thick skin, remote origin and high transportation costs. Can you peel it locally? Divide the fragrant pomelo into pieces, and use plastic composite film vacuum packaging or modified atmosphere packaging. This can not only keep the fragrant pomelo fresh, but also avoid the peeling labor of consumers, but also raise prices, increase the income of fruit farmers, and form industrialization in the local area; After peeling, the transportation volume is greatly reduced and the transportation cost is saved. Printing the brand and trademark on the package and designing exquisite patterns play a positive role in establishing the brand image of "Jiangyong fragrant pomelo" and promoting sales. At present, fresh vegetables have almost no packaging from transportation to sales, so they are crushed, rotted and consumed much in the process of transportation and sales. In retail, watering vegetables for the so-called preservation makes them lose their original flavor. It is gratifying that in the past year or two, the clean vegetable market has quietly sprung up in the city, that is, the vegetables are removed from the yellowing and deteriorated parts, then washed, cut, and then quantitatively packaged and sold. Consumers can directly put it on the pot when they buy it home, which saves a lot of time. Therefore, the clean vegetable market is very popular and promising as soon as it appears. To comprehensively improve the economic benefits of vegetable planting, we must start with packaging. First of all, the transportation of vegetables, especially the medium and long distance transportation, should be packed in order to prevent damage to vegetables during transportation. This kind of packaging should be simple, can effectively prevent extrusion, can be reused, and the packaging cost is low. You can also specially design and install compartments on the transport truck, place vegetables layer by layer, and the distance between layers cannot be large, so as to achieve the purpose of anti extrusion. Secondly, accelerate the development of the clean vegetable market. The basic idea to improve the economic benefits of vegetable planting industry is to carry out clean vegetable processing in vegetable planting base, adopt advanced technology for packaging and realize industrialization. The clean vegetable packaging used now is basically made of foamed plastic tray and wrapped with a layer of polyethylene film. Foamed plastics cause white pollution, the use is limited, and this kind of packaging has a short shelf life, so the selection of packaging materials must be improved. For the clean vegetables that can be sold on the same day, they can be packaged with paper pulp molded plates and polyethylene film. If the shelf life is required to be longer, such as 3-5 days, it can be packaged in modified atmosphere packaging or vacuum packaging and refrigerated at low temperature (about 4 ℃). Rice packaging traditionally, rice packaging is mainly made of gunny bags and plastic woven bags, each of which is 15kg, 25kg and 50kg, and then opened for retail. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, high-quality rice is welcomed by urban residents, and the traditional packaging obviously cannot meet the packaging requirements of high-quality rice. The plastic composite rice packaging bag developed and produced by Hunan Xiangli flexible packaging Co., Ltd. has been regarded as one of the standards to measure the national scientific and technological level internationally. The printing of exquisite patterns, words, trademarks and bar codes can attract customers and promote sales. Part of the relevant detection device of the steel of this hydraulic universal testing machine can vacuum, prolong the shelf life of high-quality rice, and the effect of moisture-proof, mildew proof and insect proof is very ideal. Shenzhen Canada is a high-precision and high-performance environmental experimental equipment. It is the packaging of industrial and agricultural products during the exhibition

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