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It is imperative to establish the anti-counterfeiting advantages of printing enterprises (Part 2)

the "partner of packaging and printing enterprises" plan

for a long time, anti-counterfeiting solutions are more oriented to direct end customers, and there is a lack of research and Discussion on the anti-counterfeiting use of packaging and printing production links at the forefront of technology and process. In fact, with the continuous development of anti-counterfeiting technology and the strong demand of the market for packaging anti-counterfeiting, there have been many available technologies and schemes into the packaging and printing industry, such as special packaging paper, wide perspective holographic film materials, hot stamping holographic technology and so on. From the perspective of anti-counterfeiting, packaging anti-counterfeiting belongs to the brand protection of deformation units mm, cm, inch. The process links included in printing and packaging can be added with corresponding anti-counterfeiting elements, and the specific adding method depends on the actual situation of customers and the reality of counterfeiting faced by packaging materials

how can packaging and printing enterprises with packaging customer resources obtain competitive advantages and continuous supply of anti-counterfeiting technology resources? This problem is increasingly placed on the desk of packaging and printing practitioners: purchase technology? Update too fast! allow someone to continue? Customer churn! Set up your own anti-counterfeiting business department? The burden is too heavy

with the continuous maturity and development of the market economy, the division of technology and industry is more clear. "Every line is like a mountain". For packaging and printing enterprises, it is a good choice to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with professional anti-counterfeiting technology companies. The anti-counterfeiting technology company has the anti-counterfeiting design ability with independent property rights, the supply ability of anti-counterfeiting raw materials, years of successful market application experience and strong technology research and development ability. Its cooperation with packaging and printing enterprises should be extensive and flexible. The technical solutions they put forward will help packaging and printing enterprises improve their existing customers' packaging anti-counterfeiting ability and their own peer competitiveness. The long-term and stable partnership between packaging and printing enterprises and anti-counterfeiting technology enterprises is the core content of the "packaging and printing enterprise partnership" plan

anti counterfeiting technology companies can provide cooperative products and technologies, including: special design of outer box shading, local anti-counterfeiting pattern design, anti-counterfeiting identification design, manual anti-counterfeiting design, direct supply of anti-counterfeiting raw materials, etc

1. anti counterfeiting design of packaging contents: design the packaging contents such as product instructions and operation instructions as the application of anti-counterfeiting technology, so as to facilitate consumers to identify the authenticity before use. This method is usually completed with special security anti-counterfeiting paper or special design security printing paper. For example, Xi'an pharmaceutical factory Lijunsha's watermark paper manual, Jiaoda ANGLI oral liquid watermark paper manual, stepwise Naoxintong, Qizheng pharmaceutical's Xiaotong Plaster operation manual, Yunnan Baiyao capsule, Aoqi whitening powder honey, etc. use the watermark paper with the company logo as the printing paper of the manual, so as to achieve the overall anti-counterfeiting effect with local anti-counterfeiting. However, this way requires brand products to have a large market sales volume in order to reduce costs

2. Design anti-counterfeiting of product outer packaging: combine special anti-counterfeiting design with the original packaging design, and use special anti-counterfeiting design technologies such as easy to identify banknote design technology, visa design technology, passport design technology and other civil high security anti-counterfeiting technologies to carry out the local or overall design of the packaging without affecting the overall effect of the original product packaging, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. These technologies themselves make it more difficult to prevent common printing fraud and raise the technical threshold. For example, the disturbing invisible graphic design of Zhonghua toothpaste is a safe design plate making technology that is invisible to the naked eye, but uses an optical identification plate to see the hidden graphic inside. This technology only needs one-time design, and the deformation units of mm, cm and inch do not affect the printing and production process, which is convenient for businesses to identify, identify and crack down on counterfeit goods on the spot. At the same time, it can also be creatively applied to the authentication of anti fleeing goods and the management and monitoring of distributors and exclusive suppliers

3. partial anti-counterfeiting design: the blue trademark of Beijing yuekang pharmaceutical adopts relief design, which strengthens the anti-counterfeiting ability of the packaging box itself

4. Overall anti-counterfeiting shading safety design and safety printing technology on the outer surface of small packaging box. The combination of safety design and commercial design can not only obtain beautiful effects and good visual impact, but also invalidate the conventional forgery methods used in ordinary commercial printing, such as electronic color separation, photographic plate making, electronic scanning and so on

the so-called anti-counterfeiting shading safety design refers to a special design technology completely different from commercial design, which comprehensively utilizes various anti-counterfeiting design elements, is creative and closely combines with the personality characteristics of packaging users. These anti-counterfeiting design elements mainly include: personalized shading, anti scanning/copy design, Newcastle flower ball, line relief graphics and text, and micro text. At this year's composite exhibition, Sirian, latent image technology, secret recording technology, masking technology, line splitting technology, disturbing image and text technology, and so on. The overall or partial packaging of products designed with this technology has soft colors and elegant and refined images, which can highlight the brand and characteristics, and effectively prevent the illegal attempts of counterfeiters

5. Anti counterfeiting of packaging materials themselves: this method includes personalized perspective laser holographic coating, personalized laser holographic hot stamping marks, printing and packaging with special anti-counterfeiting packaging cardboard, etc

personalized perspective laser holographic coating: a special personalized transparent laser holographic film is covered on the outer package. Consumers can see the business logo or name with rainbow effect by changing their observation angle. Its shelf beauty is strong and does not affect the overall effect of the original package. For example, this method is adopted for some products of Colgate toothpaste and Sanjiu Pharmaceutical (dermatitis flat ointment drug package, cook children's cough syrup)

personalized laser holographic hot stamping mark: the laser holographic mark is directly hot stamped on the outer package of daily chemical products, so that it is mainly used to fix the sample package and combine it with the package. It is obviously different from the paste mark. The position is constant and generally selected at the eye-catching position of the package, such as the small box outer package of Kodak film, the small box outer package of Manting soap, the dry milk tablet package of Yili Group, etc

6. special printing machine printing process anti-counterfeiting: for example, using a Gravure plastic printing machine with more than nine colors to print the packaging bag (box) at one time. This kind of anti-counterfeiting technology is commonly used in washing powder products in plastic bags or in the packaging of monosodium glutamate and other products


we are facing more and more complex and diverse customer needs. Establishing mature and stable industry-level anti-counterfeiting cooperation solutions to help customers achieve their market goals is the pursuit of our anti-counterfeiting technology practitioners, and the implemented anti-counterfeiting solutions are the crystallization of our joint creation with customers and a powerful means to combat counterfeiting

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