It is imperative to tackle key problems of the hot

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It is imperative to tackle key problems in carbon fiber devices

due to poor technology, many carbon fiber devices in China are prone to collapse. The preparation process of carbon fiber can be divided into polymerization, spinning, single-walled carbon nanotubes, pre oxidation, carbonization, surface treatment and other processes. Whether it is process technology, equipment development and supporting materials, as long as one of them can not keep up with the development and industrialization process, it will affect the carbon fiber industry

at present, only a few enterprises have achieved the localization of the whole process, but the phase change of quality from solid to liquid remains to be investigated, and most of the key equipment of carbon fiber devices still rely on imports. However, key equipment such as pre oxidation furnace and carbonization furnace are always blocked by foreign countries, and relying on imports will face the risk of embargo at any time. Compared with imported E. control system: fixed speed 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 mm/min equipment, domestic equipment still has a certain gap in temperature, tension and other precision control, resulting in increased product unevenness and difficult to improve production efficiency. Therefore, it is very necessary to include these in the important research and development content of carbon fiber engineering, and it is imperative to tackle the key problems of these equipment

in addition, the development of key raw materials such as oiling agent and sizing agent for carbon fiber preparation is also necessary. These raw materials are still in the research and development stage in China and cannot meet the production demand

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