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On May 12th, 2010, origene and the Institute for systems biology (ISB) announced that they would establish a srm/mrm (single reaction monitoring, multiple reaction monitoring) mass spectrometry standard database for 5000 kinds of human proteins, Origene is the only company in the world that can produce human protein by large-scale expression of human cells

the development of proteomics and biomarkers has greatly accelerated the progress of personalized medicine. Mass spectrometry (especially srm/mrm Technology) provides a new platform for simultaneous quantification of multiple proteins, so this technology is an ideal tool for high-throughput proteomics research and clinical biomarker research. At present, srm/mrm technology is widely used in the identification and quantitative analysis of biomarkers, especially when people can not find a suitable ELISA kit. The establishment of a database of 5000 human protein mass spectrometry standards makes it possible to conduct quantitative analysis of proteins and promote data validation between laboratories

isb president and founder, the founder of Amgen, a famous biopharmaceutical company in the United States, the founder of ABI, a famous biological instrument company in the United States, and the first to obtain birr & whose price is more than 400 yuan/m3 lower than that of the products of mainstream enterprises# 8226; Dr. Leroy hood, a scientist of Professor Bill Gates, said: "the combination of proteomics and systems biology can bring many new discoveries, but it is necessary to use the proteome mass spectrometry standard database to confirm these new discoveries. Using origene's most full-length human protein resources in the world, ISB can greatly accelerate the confirmation of its research findings."

dr. he Weiwu, chairman and CEO of origene, said: "This is the first time that human beings have an extremely broad prospect. We use the mass spectrometry standard database of 5000 kinds of full-length proteins to promote biomedical research. We are glad to combine our proteins with ISB's rich mass spectrometry experience, and cooperate with Dr. Leroy hood, Dr. Robert Moritz and their famous teams to make efforts for the development of early diagnosis and treatment of human diseases. This unprecedented cooperation program (establishing a database of 5000 human protein mass spectrometry standards) will provide extremely important information for srm/mrm research. There is no doubt that this work will also accelerate its application in the discovery of new biomarkers. "

about origene company

origene was founded in Maryland in 1996 and has been committed to developing gene related products. At present, the world's largest human is a full-length gene bank of parts that can store energy, and the world's largest human protein and a large number of high-quality monoclonal antibodies (truemabtm) have been developed. Origene is currently committed to establishing a proteome high-throughput detection platform, which will have a far-reaching impact on individual medical treatment, early disease diagnosis and biopharmaceutical in the future. Origene's products have been widely used to support research institutions, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies' R & D in the field of genes and drugs. To learn more about origene, please log in to

about the Institute for systems biology (ISB)

the Institute for systems biology (ISB) is an internationally renowned non-profit research institution, which focuses on the research and application of systems biology and is headquartered in Seattle. In the evaluation report on scientific research centered organizations released by Scimago research group in December, the academic influence of ISB's scientific research articles ranked first in the United States and third in the world. The ISB created by Leroy hood, Alan A and derem and ruedi aeberold is committed to unveiling the mystery of human biology, predicting and preventing the occurrence of many diseases such as cancer, diabetes and AIDS. The research method of ISB system integrates the development of biology, computing science and technology, so that scientists can analyze all factors in a biological system at the same time, not just a gene or protein. Founded in 2000, ISB now has 13 departments, more than 300 staff, and has established a wide range of academic networks and industrial partners. To learn more about ISB, please log in to

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