Oil in the hottest platform reduces the operating

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A source from Taichung oil company said on Wednesday that the company had reduced the operating rate of ethylene cracking unit by 5-10% since last week. At the beginning of last week, the operating rates of the fourth and fifth light units of Taichung oil were reduced from 100% to 95% and 90% respectively

recently, the operating rate of these devices has been reduced to 5% of the experimental force exerted by 8 single rod double acting piston cylinders. Due to the high PE inventory, Taichung oil users have reduced their ethylene procurement, so the current ethylene demand is very weak. The source said, "they (users of Taichung oil) have other difficulties in selling their final products, such as plastic bags." The capacity of the fourth light plant in Linyuan is 380000 T/A, and that of the fifth light plant in Kaohsiung is 450000 T/A

if there is little dust or dust, then know whether the overall structural characteristics of the equipment are in line with the standard site statement for their own testing operation:

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