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From November 12 to 15, Medica, the world's largest medical equipment industry exhibition, was grandly held in Dusseldorf. From Shenzhen to Dusseldorf, and from CMEF to Medica, the people of lippon have been moving forward forcefully. After 23 years of development, lippon has set up five major R & D centers in the world. From November 12 to 15, the world's largest medical equipment industry exhibition, Medica, was grandly held in Dusseldorf. From Shenzhen to Dusseldorf, from CMEF to Medica, the people of lippon have been moving forward with a firm and powerful pace. After 23 years of development, lippon has set up five R & D centers and 19 subsidiaries in the world, and its products are exported to more than 160 countries and regions. At 2018 media, lippon Edan arrived with its latest products as promised, gathered along the Rhine River with a number of brands, and presented Chinese smart manufacturing to global customers

taking patient monitoring as an example, lippon Edan has launched a new X Series patient monitor. Based on its expandability of monitoring parameters, amazing ultra-thin design and professional ECG algorithm, it can monitor from newborns to adults, which can meet the main clinical needs of end users

in terms of ultrasound images, two new members are added to the acclarix series: the extremely light and thin acclarix AX3 * portable full-digital color ultrasound diagnosis system is equipped with the new EIS technology platform of Nippon, which provides high-speed parallel computing capability, ensures the rapid processing of advanced algorithms, and provides a smooth experience for the application of the existing 5000 tons of iron phosphate and 1000 tons of lithium iron phosphate of the complex and diverse bedside ultrasound company; The acclarix lx9 * cart type full digital color ultrasonic diagnosis system equipped with high-definition display screen and high-definition touch screen can realize the rapid processing of a variety of sophisticated technologies and meet the complex application requirements of multi part imaging of the whole body

in addition to the above innovative and high-quality new products, the flagship products se-18 digital 18 lead ECG machine and se-1515 ECG workstation are also high-profile products. It not only has a 9-lead acquisition mode designed for children, but also supports synchronous 18 leads, which is applicable to the diagnosis of a variety of heart diseases and helps doctors conduct more accurate analysis

at the same time, lippon Edan, who has been deeply involved in the field of maternal and child health for more than 20 years, has demonstrated the epoch-making fts-6 ultrasonic Doppler fetal monitoring system and the medical grade home fetal heart instrument sd1 fetal heart Doppler instrument. With the development of telemedicine technology, pregnant mothers can use fts-6 mobile to listen to their babies' voices anytime, anywhere and at will

in addition, in the in vitro diagnosis exhibition hall, lippon Edan shared the cutting-edge concept of GMR microarray biochip with foreign friends through M16 magnetic sensitive immune analyzer, and demonstrated the H50 fully automatic blood cell analyzer that has been integrated into the German industrial design concept

in the past three years, the R & D investment of lippon Edan has accounted for more than 20% of the operating revenue. It has created a medical device with high appearance and hard strength, and its products and services have been trusted and affirmed by customers all over the world. It is believed that with enough patience to deal with the changes in the market and improve the international competitiveness of products, China smart manufacturing will amaze the world before such problems are irregular

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about lippon based on the health industry, With a global vision, continuous innovation and excellent services, it has become a well-known provider of medical and health products, solutions and services. It covers six business segments: patient monitoring, ECG products, ultrasonic imaging, maternal and child health, in vitro diagnosis and intelligent health. In China, with a service network that radiates the national market, lippon has provided innovative and high-quality products and services to more than 30000 medical institutions. It has set up five R & D centers and 19 subsidiaries around the world, and its products are exported to more than 160 countries and regions. Lippon adheres to valuable innovation and is committed to providing medical institutions with high-quality products and solutions close to clinical needs. Li Bang instrument she:300206

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