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Bathroom cool "Install" wash cool, save money bath

key words: home decoration bathroom decoration cases bathroom cool install page 1: bathroom cool "Install" wash cool, save money bath page 2: bathroom cool "Install" wash cool, save money bath page 3: bathroom cool "Install" wash cool, save money bath page 4: bathroom cool "Install" wash cool, save money bath page 5: bathroom cool "Install" wash cool Money saving bath page 6: the bathroom is cool and "dressed" to have a cool bath and money saving bath in summer, one bath a day is always necessary. The stuffy bathroom that can not be blown by the air conditioner has become a "hell" that is easy to get in and difficult to get out - as long as you leave the water, you will still be sweating. At this time, we need a bathroom that can not only cool the summer but also take a comfortable bath. However, the so-called "a penny beats a hero", the water lotus will also fall into the mortal world. I believe many people can not answer how to design a satisfactory bathroom under the limited economic conditions at home

part1: opening windows -- let your bathroom breathe.

the windows in the bathroom are also very particular. The whole glass wall can be designed for large space, but there is no need to be too fancy for small bathroom. A simple small window is very good for ventilation and traction light. It can bring good results whether it is placed directly opposite the wash desk or in the design and shower room

the wall wallpaper with complex patterns is matched with a transparent window, which adds a lot of simplicity and purity to the tediousness. The space in the corner of the wall is more than enough to place the wash basin. The white appearance is more pure against the background of the complex Wallpaper of the dark color system. A rectangular window is chiseled above according to the size of the wall. The white tile windowsill like the basin and the storage frame of the same material in the middle form a good consistency

colored tiles and flesh colored floral Wallpapers form a very clever match. The blue wash desk integrated with the wall is located in the corner space. An extrapolated window on the side gives good light to the corner. The window frame of dark color department collides with the light color department such as flesh color and blue around to give an elegant feeling





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