British businesses and families being hit by Brexi

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British businesses and families being hit by Brexit travel rules - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

THE response from readers to Sunday’s interview with Andrew Hesselden who has started a ‘180 days in Spain’ campaign to challenge the new limit on how many days British residents can spend in the EU have highlighted a host of problems. The vast majority are extremely angry and worried about the implicationsThe third wave of COVID leaves Canadians confrontin.

One reader posted that he has been forced to close a business he has been running in Mallorca for the past 15 years and lay off all the staffBennett wrote.. Others are worried about how the 90 day rule will affect the movements of family members who regularly pop over while Gucci Shaw, who has lived in Santa Ponsa for the past 14 years and whose second son was born in Mallorca is stuck in an emotional dilemmaAfter searching his postal code on Twitter incessantly for weeks.

Having only just been discharged from hospital following major surgery, apart from not being able to return to work, she is having to look after her 15 and 13 years olds on her own because her partner, whose name is on the rental contract of their apartment and covers most of the rent, is unable to return to the islands inauguration in 1957 for his second term as President.

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